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Looking for the perfect prizes for your baby shower? You’ve come to the right place! Picnic Makers has prepared a treasure trove of ideas to turn your baby shower games into unforgettable highlights.

In this guide, we’ll unveil the secrets to selecting and presenting the ultimate baby shower game prizes that will escalate the excitement to new heights. Here is a quick peak:

prizes under $5
mid-range prizes $5-$20
premium prizes
DIY and handcrafted prizes
digital prizes
custom prizes

Baby shower prizes under $5 💡

Why these prizes: When planning a baby shower on a budget, it’s important to find delightful and economical prizes. This category of prizes is perfect for ensuring that every guest receives a token of appreciation, enhancing the inclusive and friendly atmosphere of the event.

Enhancing the appeal: While these items are affordable, they can be presented specially. For example, a small notebook can be tied with a ribbon, or a keychain can be attached to a thank-you note, adding a personal touch.


These are versatile and come in a myriad of designs, from elegant to playful, allowing you to match them with the theme of your baby shower.

🌸💎 Bewudy 2Pcs Flowers KeyringsKeychains 💎🌸

baby shower game prize keychain

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💎🧿 Jasimkiss Evil Eye Keychain Protection Charm 🧿💎

keychain prize baby shower


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Mini hand sanitizers

Practical, especially in today’s health-conscious world, these can be customized with labels matching your baby shower theme.

The Honest Company Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer Spray

hand sanitizer game prize

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Small notebooks

Useful for jotting down notes, they can be chosen in designs that suit various tastes.

🌸📙 TurelinnG Lined Journal Notebook 📙🌸

baby shower game prize ideas

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Cute coasters

These baby shower game prizes can be decorative and functional, adding a touch of charm to your guests’ homes.

SXboxing Absorbent Car Cupholder Coaster 2 Pack

cute coasters

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Tea bag assortments

A perfect cozy gift offering a selection of different flavors that can cater to all tastes.

🫖 Bigelow Herbal Teas Six Flavor Assortment, 18 bags

assorted teas as a prize

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By choosing these practical and affordable prices, you ensure your baby shower is enjoyable and considerate of your budget constraints, making the celebration stress-free and joyous for everyone involved.

Consider a luxury picnic baby shower as a great idea for your celebration. It combines elegance with a touch of nature, making your special day even more memorable.

Mid-range delights $5-$20 🌟

Why these prizes: In baby shower prizes, the mid-range category is where you find the perfect harmony between affordability and luxury. This price range allows for elegance and indulgence without going overboard on spending. The items in this category are thoughtfully chosen to make your guests feel valued and pampered.

Presentation tips: The key to making these mid-range prizes stand out is in the presentation. Aromatic candles, for example, can be wrapped in elegant paper or placed in a small gift bag. Gourmet chocolate bars can be presented with a decorative ribbon or alongside a cute thank-you card.

Aromatic candles

Aromatic candles, with their soothing ambiance and diverse scents, serve as delightful baby shower game prizes, offering every guest relaxation and personal choice.

🪻🕯️ Aromatherapy Candles for Home Scented 🕯️🪻

aromatic candles as a prize

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Gourmet chocolate bars

A universally loved treat, these can come in exotic flavors, adding an element of gourmet luxury.

🍫 Astor Chocolate MoodiBars 5 Variety Gift Box

baby shower prizes

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Fancy coffee samples

Ideal for coffee enthusiasts, these samples can introduce guests to new and exciting blends.

Coffee Masters Around the World

great baby shower prizes cheap

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Stylish nail polish

Stylish nail polishes make perfect prizes for baby shower games, offering fun and fashion to your fashion-forward guests.

💅 OPI Nail Lacquer, Bubble Bath, Nude Nail Polish

items as prizes for games

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Succulent plants in small pots

Easy to care for and aesthetically pleasing, succulents make a lasting gift that will remind guests of the joyous occasion.

🪴 Live Succulent (4″ String of Pearls)

plant as a prize

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Choosing prizes from this mid-range category adds a layer of sophistication to your baby shower, ensuring that your guests leave with memorable and delightful gifts.

Premium baby shower favors 💎

Why these prizes: The premium category of baby shower prizes is designed for those extra special games or as grand prizes for significant events like a major raffle or a highly competitive game. These prizes are about luxury and exclusivity, designed to leave a lasting impression.

Making them stand out: The presentation of these premium gifts should match their value. For instance, a quality bottle of wine can be adorned with a custom label commemorating the event, or an elegant scarf could be presented in a beautiful gift box.

Quality wine bottles

Selecting a fine wine as a prize delights the recipient and adds a touch of class to your baby shower.

🍾 Veuve Clicquot Champagne Yellow Label Brut

wine bottle as a gift

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Designer hand lotions

These are not just functional; they symbolize indulgence and care, making them a perfect premium gift.

⭐🙋‍♀️ Panier des Sens – Hand Cream for Dry Cracked Hands and Skin

premium hand cream

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Elegant scarves

A versatile and fashionable accessory, scarves can add a touch of elegance and style to any wardrobe.

⭐🧣 Coach Women Metallic Signature C Jacquard Scarf 🧣⭐

Coach scarf

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Specialty tea sets

For tea lovers, a specialty tea set is a thoughtful gift that encourages relaxation and enjoyment.

⭐🫖 Tea Lovers Gift Set

premium leaf tea

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Luxurious bath sets

Including premium bath salts, oils, and soaps, these sets offer an at-home spa experience, representing relaxation and luxury.

⭐🛁 Natural Bath Accessories and Skincare Products Spa Basket

luxury bath set

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Including premium gifts in your baby shower ensures the event remains a talked-about celebration, offering guests an enriching and memorable experience. These gifts not only reward but also convey a sense of exclusivity and splendor, making your baby shower stand out as a truly exceptional event.

DIY and handcrafted prizes 🎨

Why these prizes: DIY and handcrafted prizes hold a special charm and sentimental value, making them a heartfelt addition to any baby shower. These gifts reflect a personal touch and showcase the thoughtfulness and creativity of the host. Not only do they allow for customization to suit individual guests or tie in with the baby shower theme, but they also offer a unique experience that store-bought items can’t match.

Personalization and creativity: Handcrafted gifts can be tailored to each guest, adding deeply appreciated personalization. For instance, homemade pastries can be made with a guest’s favorite ingredients, or crafted decorations can incorporate the baby shower’s color scheme.


  • Homemade cookies or pastries: Nothing says ‘made with love’ like baked goods. You can make various shapes and flavors to suit your guests’ preferences.
  • Hand-knitted items: Whether a cozy scarf, a cute baby hat, or a plush toy, hand-knitted items add a warm and personal touch.
  • Custom-made jewelry: Personalized jewelry, like bracelets or necklaces with special charms or initials, can be a cherished keepsake for guests.
  • DIY beauty products: Homemade bath bombs, soaps, or lip balms using natural ingredients can be luxurious and gentle, offering a bespoke spa-like experience.
  • Crafted decorations: Items like hand-painted picture frames, custom coasters, or decorative candles can add a personal touch to your guests’ homes.

By opting for DIY and handcrafted prizes, you’re adding an element of intimacy and care to your baby shower, making it a truly unique and memorable event for all your guests.

Digital and virtual prizes 💻📱

Why these prizes: In an age where virtual gatherings are becoming more common, digital and virtual prizes are a perfect fit, especially for online baby showers. Additionally, they cater to various interests and can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s home.

Adapting to modern needs: In a digital era, these prizes are trendy and highly appreciated for their accessibility and variety. They’re especially useful when physical gifts are not feasible due to distance or other constraints.

gift card as a prize


  • Online store gift cards: Versatile and always in demand, gift cards from popular online retailers allow recipients to choose their gifts.
  • Digital music or movie vouchers: Perfect for entertainment lovers, these vouchers can access a vast library of music or films.
  • Subscription service trials: Whether for a streaming service, a magazine, or a gourmet food box, subscription trials introduce recipients to new experiences and products.
  • E-books: For the bookworms in your circle, e-books are a great way to enjoy the latest bestseller or a classic novel.
  • Online course enrollments: Encourage learning and exploration by gifting enrollments to interesting online courses, ranging from cooking classes to photography workshops.

Offering digital and virtual prizes at your baby shower aligns with modern lifestyles. It adds practicality and innovation to your event, making it inclusive and accessible to all guests, regardless of location.

Themed and customized baby shower prizes 💐

Why these prizes: This is a fantastic way to amplify the overall experience of a themed baby shower. Tailoring prizes to the specific theme of the baby shower not only shows attention to detail but also adds a personal touch that can make the event more meaningful and memorable for guests.

Creating a unified theme experience: Customized prizes are particularly impactful as they resonate with the theme of the baby shower, whether it’s a certain color scheme, a beloved book or movie, or a particular aesthetic. They help create a cohesive and visually appealing experience.


  • Personalized tote bags: These can be printed with designs or phrases that match the baby shower’s theme, making them practical and stylish.
  • Themed cookie cutters: Perfect for a baking-themed shower or to reflect a specific motif, like animals or stars, these cookie cutters can inspire fun baking projects at home.
  • Custom-printed mugs: Mugs with custom messages, images, or dates of the baby shower are a great way to commemorate the day and can be used daily.
  • Bespoke stationery sets: Personalized with names, dates, or themed graphics, these sets add an elegant touch to your guests’ correspondence.
  • Monogrammed towels or blankets: These items offer a cozy reminder of the special day and can be customized with colors and styles to match the baby shower theme.

Incorporating themed and customized prizes into your baby shower enhances the thematic elements of the celebration. It provides your guests with unique keepsakes that remind them of the special day long after it’s over.

Explore our outdoor baby shower ideas for creative tips and planning guidance to elevate your event into an outdoor delight.

Creative packaging ideas for baby shower prizes 🎁

How a gift is presented can significantly enhance appeal and create excitement among your guests. Creative packaging adds aesthetic value to the prizes and reflects the thought and effort put into the event.

beautiful prize box

Here are some innovative packaging ideas that can transform your baby shower giveaways into memorable keepsakes.

  • Themed wrapping: Align the packaging with the baby shower theme. For instance, if you have a nautical theme, use blue and white striped wrapping paper or bags adorned with anchors or sea creatures.
  • Personalized touch: Add a personal touch by including a handwritten note or tag with each prize. You could mention the game it was won in or a sweet message thanking the guest for their participation.
  • DIY gift bags: Use craft paper, ribbons, and embellishments to create your gift bags. These bags can be decorated to match the baby shower’s color scheme and theme.
  • Reusable containers: Consider packaging prizes in containers that can be reused, such as mason jars for homemade treats or small fabric totes for larger items. This is not only eco-friendly but also adds value to the gift.
  • Transparent packaging: Use clear cellophane or acrylic boxes for prizes like cookies, candies, or bath bombs. This allows the item’s beauty to shine through while keeping it protected.
  • Fabric wrapping: For a soft and elegant touch, wrap prizes in fabric using techniques inspired by Furoshiki, the Japanese art of cloth wrapping. This is particularly effective for prizes like candles, soaps, or small books.
  • Custom labels and stickers: Design labels or stickers that reflect the baby shower theme or include the baby’s name and date. Apply these to plain boxes or bags for a customized look.
  • Basket arrangements: For larger or multiple items, arrange them in a basket adorned with ribbons and a decorative bow. Baskets can be filled with shredded colored paper or soft fabric to cushion the items.
  • Eco-friendly wrapping: Use recyclable or biodegradable materials for an environmentally-conscious approach. Kraft paper, natural twine, and dried flowers can create beautiful, eco-friendly packaging.
  • Interactive packaging: Make the packaging part of the fun. For example, wrap a prize in multiple layers containing a clue or message leading to the gift.

These creative packaging ideas can significantly elevate the experience of receiving a baby shower prize, making it more than just a gift – a delightful and memorable part of the celebration.

Choosing the right number of baby shower prizes 👶

When it comes to prizes, think abundance and variety! The ideal number hinges on your game lineup and guest count.

Each game-winner deserves recognition, but why not go a step further? Include consolation prizes for those near-wins or unique accomplishments, adding joy to the celebration. And, always have a few surprise rewards up your sleeve – perfect for impromptu game ideas or unexpected highlights.

The goal? To weave a tapestry of fun and surprises throughout your baby shower, leaving no moment unadorned with excitement.

Effective ways to hand out prizes for baby shower 🎲

The thrill is not just in the prizes themselves but in their presentation. For traditional games, award prizes immediately, letting the excitement ripple through the room. Save some suspense for a dramatic announcement at the end of day-long games or challenges. Want to mix things up? Introduce a lucky draw, a fun side-challenge, or even a spin on the prize wheel. This approach ensures fairness and fun and keeps everyone eagerly anticipating what’s next. Your baby shower isn’t just an event; it’s a celebration of joy, a carnival of delights waiting to unfold in memorable ways.

As we wrap up our guide on selecting the perfect baby shower prizes, the anticipation and joy these little tokens of appreciation will bring to your celebration truly count. Each chosen prize, whether elegantly simple or luxuriously grand, embodies a piece of the happiness and excitement surrounding the arrival of a new life.

They aren’t just gifts but mementos of a day filled with love, laughter, and the promise of new beginnings. Here’s to a baby shower that’s as unique and special as the little one it celebrates! 🎉🎈🌟


How can I make DIY prizes if I’m not very crafty?

Choose simple DIY projects like homemade spice mixes, sewn pouches, or self-assembled mini photo albums. There are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials online that require minimal crafting skills.

Are there any interactive digital prizes suitable for a virtual baby shower?

Consider digital experiences like online cooking classes, virtual reality game downloads, or e-book subscriptions. These provide an engaging experience even in a virtual setting.

Is it appropriate to give alcohol as a baby shower giveaway?

While wine or craft beer can be a popular prize choice, it’s important to consider your guests’ preferences. Non-alcoholic alternatives like gourmet sodas or mocktail kits can be a thoughtful and inclusive option.

How can I ensure that prize distribution is fair and unbiased?

Use a random draw system or a point-based game system to decide winners. This approach keeps the distribution fair and transparent, ensuring everyone has an equal chance to win.

What are some gender-neutral prize ideas for a baby shower?

Focus on items that appeal to all, regardless of gender. Think about gifts like gourmet food items, universal gift cards, or plants. These are universally appreciated and take away any gender bias in gift selection.

Are there any interactive game ideas for distributing prizes?

Yes! Consider a scavenger hunt where clues lead to prizes or a trivia game related to the parent-to-be. These games make the prize distribution process more engaging and fun.

What’s the best way to distribute prizes in a large baby shower?

Consider having a designated prize table for large gatherings where winners can choose from various items. This method can expedite the distribution process and offer winners the choice of their preferred prize.

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