30+1 baby shower ideas for boys

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When planning a baby shower for a boy, the possibilities are truly boundless. It’s all about crafting a memorable celebration that joyously anticipates the little man’s arrival.

Whether your style is chic, classic, or whimsical, here are 31 fantastic baby shower ideas for boys designed to excite and inspire you.

Each theme offers a unique blend of creativity and charm, perfect for welcoming your upcoming bundle of joy.

1. Baby shower luxury picnic 🧺

Imagine a day out in the sun, surrounded by lush greenery, family, and friends, savoring delightful gourmet snacks as you celebrate your upcoming joy. That’s precisely what a baby shower luxury picnic offers, an extraordinary way to toast the new beginning.

baby shower luxury pop-up picnic in Los Angeles

Why is this cool? It’s because picnics are inherently social and relaxing, offering a perfect setting for a baby shower. A baby shower luxury picnic theme transforms a simple party into an upscale event that beautifully marries elegance and nature.

It’s a novel, fresh take on the boy baby shower theme. It takes you away from the typical indoor event, letting you breathe, laugh, and enjoy a stunning environment.

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2. Nautical adventure baby shower 🤿

Set sail for a delightful celebration with a nautical adventure baby shower, perfect for those who adore the sea.

baby shower decorations for boy ahoy

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations for Boy – 4.6/5 Rating on Amazon

This theme immerses guests in a maritime adventure with decorations that include sailboats, anchors, and lighthouses, all set against a classic color palette of navy blue, red, and white.

This fresh, oceanic ambiance is ideal for bringing the spirit of the sea to your event.

For a creative twist, set up a candy buffet styled like a sailor’s treasure chest, brimming with sweets and treats that echo the nautical theme. Adding seafood to the menu enhances the maritime experience, offering dishes like shrimp cocktails or fish and chips.

This theme for boys is visually striking with its crisp maritime colors and symbols and fun and engaging, perfect for a sea-loving family welcoming their little sailor.

3. Jungle safari baby shower 🦁

How about a jungle safari baby shower designed for the adventurous at heart?

Decorate your venue with a touch of the wild, featuring plush animal toys, palm leaves, and animal print balloons to create a lush jungle atmosphere.

safari jungle baby shower

Mini Stuffed Forest Animals Jungle Animal Plush Toys – Rating 4.4/5 on Amazon

This theme is an exciting way to celebrate, filled with the wonders of nature and adventure.

Engage guests with fun games like “Guess the animal sound,” which adds an interactive and joyful element to your shower.

Serve up ‘jungle treats’ such as animal-shaped cookies and fruit skewers to keep the theme consistent throughout the event.

The jungle safari theme is perfect for parents-to-be who love nature and want to share their passion for the great outdoors with their guests, making it an unforgettable and adventurous baby shower.

4. Little astronaut 👨‍🚀

Celebrate the impending arrival of a new little star with an astronaut baby shower theme, perfect for fans of the cosmos and celestial wonders.

Transform your party space into a cosmic adventure with decorations that feature stars, galaxies, rockets, and astronauts to really set the interstellar mood.

astronaut theme for baby shower for boys

Fangleland Outer Space Baby Shower Banner – Rating 5/5 on Amazon

The centerpiece of your event could be a space mission-inspired cake, designed to look like a rocket or a celestial body.

For party favors, consider giving away star-shaped cookies or small jars of galaxy slime, adding a touch of the universe to your guests’ take-home treats.

This theme promises a visually stunning celebration and a fun and educational twist that will captivate guests of all ages, making your baby shower truly out of this world!

5. Sports fanatic 🏆

Hit a home run with a sports theme, ideal for parents-to-be who are all about the game. This theme can celebrate the dad-to-be’s favorite sport or incorporate a variety of sports to cater to all athletic tastes.

Decorate the venue with sports gear like balls and bats, hang jerseys, and use team colors to bring the theme to life.

sports theme for baby shower

266 Pcs Basketball Baseball Football Soccer Party Favors – Rating 4.7/5 on Amazon

Transform your dessert table into a concession stand offering classic game-day snacks like popcorn and hot dogs, complete with sports-themed decorations.

This festive and energetic theme is perfect for sharing the parent-to-be’s passion for sports with guests. It is a memorable and lively celebration dedicated to welcoming their little MVP.

6. Construction zone 🏗️

Consider a construction zone one if you’re looking for a unique and playful theme.

To create an authentic construction site atmosphere, deck out your venue with bright caution signs, orange construction cones, and toy trucks.

under construction baby shower theme

Construction Baby Shower Decorations – Rating 4.6/5 on Amazon

Serve your food in construction-themed containers, such as toolboxes or dump truck dishes, to keep with the theme.

For entertainment, organize activities that involve building or constructing, which can be a fun and engaging way to involve guests in creative play.

This theme offers a fun, casual setting perfect for a laid-back and enjoyable baby shower, where guests can celebrate the upcoming new addition uniquely festively.

7. Dinosaur land 🦕

Embark on a thrilling journey back in time with a dinosaur land baby shower, a theme for boys that captures the imagination and excitement of the prehistoric world.

Decorate your venue with lush greenery and dinosaur-themed decorations to recreate the feel of a time when these majestic creatures roamed the earth. A striking volcano cake can serve as the centerpiece, erupting with deliciousness.

Dinosaur theme for baby boy

Dinosaur Baby Shower Decorations – 4.5/5 Rating on Amazon

For activities, consider organizing a fossil hunt or a dinosaur egg race, which not only adds a sense of prehistoric adventure but also keeps guests engaged and entertained.

To fully bring this theme to life, you’ll need dinosaur figurines, faux plants for a jungle-like environment, and eggs for the dinosaur egg race.

This theme is perfect for adding a dynamic and adventurous twist to your celebration, ensuring it’s a roaring success.

8. Enchanted forest 🪄

Everyone loves magic! This theme transforms your venue into a mystical woodland filled with faux trees, twinkling fairy lights, and enchanting woodland creatures.

Decorations should include elements that evoke a sense of wonder, such as mystical symbols and soft, ethereal fabrics.

enhanced forest baby shower

Sage Green Baby Boxes with Letters – Rating 4.7/5 on Amazon

Serve guests whimsical treats like fairy cakes and concoct magic potions in the form of colorful drinks.

This captivating theme offers a unique and whimsical experience, making it a magical event that guests will remember fondly.

9. Classic Teddy Bear 🧸

Celebrate the upcoming arrival with a classic Teddy Bear baby shower, a theme that exudes warmth and coziness.

This timeless theme uses teddy bears, soft colors, and gentle decorations to create a welcoming and affectionate atmosphere.

Teddy Bear decor for biy

Premium Teddy Bear Theme Party Decor – Rating 4.6/5 on Amazon

A teddy bear-themed cake and teddy bear-shaped cookies add adorable and tasty refreshments to your table.

To achieve this snug ambiance, you’ll need plush teddy bears, soft-hued decor, and a variety of teddy bear-themed baking molds and decorations for your cake and cookies.

The Classic Teddy Bear theme is ideal for anyone looking to host a baby shower that feels like a warm hug, making it a beloved choice for a memorable celebration.

10. Circus carnival 🎪

This theme brings the excitement and wonder of a day at the circus to your special celebration.

Envision your space adorned with red and white striped tents, the smell of fresh popcorn in the air, and vibrant decorations featuring circus animals.

Carnival baby shower theme

30Ct Carnival Hanging Swirl Decorations

This theme immerses your guests in a fun-filled atmosphere with various carnival games, creating a lively and vibrant setting perfect for a joyous occasion.

11. Underwater Atlantis 🌊

Transform your space with blue drapes, metallic touches, and centerpieces adorned with seashells and starfish. Enhance the magical ocean theme with a backdrop featuring coral and marine life, perfect for photos.

underwater adventure baby shower

Sea Shells, Starfish & Sea Glass, Generous 1.5 lbs Hand Picked

Serve sea-themed treats like mermaid tail cupcakes and cookies shaped like sea creatures centered around a spectacular ocean-inspired cake.

Engage guests with fun activities such as a ‘fish toss’ game or a treasure scavenger hunt.

12. Cowboy Western 🤠

Yeehaw! Embrace the spirited fun of the Old West for your boy!

To create an authentic cowboy atmosphere, decorate your venue with cowboy hats, toy horses, and bandana prints.

baby shower cowboy decoration

For an added touch of the wild west, incorporate wooden barrels and rope decorations. Serve traditional country food like barbecue, cornbread, and baked beans to keep the theme consistent throughout the event.

A cowboy boot-shaped cake will surely be the centerpiece of your dessert table, delighting guests with its creative and thematic design.

This playful and hearty theme is perfect for a rollicking good time celebrating the upcoming arrival of your little cowboy or cowgirl.

13. Royal prince🤴

Celebrate the impending arrival of a little prince! Decorate your space with royal blues, gold accents, and plush velvet drapes to set a luxurious atmosphere.

Crowns and scepters can serve as thematic decor, and a throne-like chair for the mom-to-be will make her feel like royalty.

little prince baby shower

53 Pieces Royal Blue Prince Baby Shower Decor

To keep with the royal theme, serve regal treats such as petit fours, crown-shaped cookies, and perhaps even a crown-shaped cake.

This luxurious and sophisticated theme is perfect for welcoming a new little prince into the world with style and splendor.

14. Adventure awaits 🧭

This adventure-inspired theme is perfect for celebrating a future little explorer.

Decorate the venue with maps, globes, vintage suitcases, and airplane decor to evoke the thrill of exploration and adventure.

vintage suitcases decor

Cardboard Small Suitcase Boxes

Use travel-themed elements like passport-style invitations and boarding pass place cards to enhance the journey-like experience.

Serve global snacks and a cake decorated with an adventure motif to keep the theme adventurous and exciting.

Activities might include creating a scrapbook with travel advice from guests or playing “Name That Country” with baby-related items from around the world.

15. Little gentleman🕴️

Host a charming and sophisticated “Little Gentleman” party that captures the elegance of classic gentlemen’s attire.

Decorate using a refined color palette of black, white, and baby blue. Adorn your venue with playful elements like bowties, mustaches, and top hats to add a whimsical yet classy touch.

little gentleman decor

Little Man Mini Beard Bowtie Hat Suit Cupcake Toppers

For table settings, consider elegant place cards featuring bowtie motifs and centerpieces of baby blue flowers to soften the sophisticated decor. Serve elegant finger sandwiches, petit fours, and a signature mocktail named “The Gentleman.”

16. Superhero 🦸‍♂️

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little hero! This can be a vibrant and exciting theme that is perfect for families who are fans of the heroic world of superheroes.

Decorate the space with bright, bold comic book prints and iconic symbols like capes and masks.

superhero baby shower decor

You could even encourage guests to dress as their favorite superheroes to add to the festive atmosphere.

For activities, consider a photo booth complete with superhero props and backdrops for memorable snapshots. Offer superhero-themed snacks, such as “Power Punch” and “Hero Sandwiches,” and a cake decorated with comic book illustrations to keep everyone fueled for fun.

17. Farmyard friends🌻

How about the rustic charm of the countryside? This theme is filled with rural warmth and farm-inspired decorations, including stuffed animals, hay bales, and checkered tablecloths.

Transform your space into a barn-like setting with wooden accents and burlap details.

Serve hearty farm-style food such as fried chicken, corn on the cob, and apple pies to complement the rustic feel. For entertainment, set up farm-themed games like a sack race or a “Guess the Baby Animal” quiz.

This down-to-earth and cozy theme is perfect for celebrating new life in a fun, familial farm setting.

18. Under the stars 🌠

An under-the-stars baby shower creates a magical evening celebration that mirrors the beauty of the night sky.

Adorn your venue with twinkling fairy lights, moon and star decorations, and a navy blue and silver color scheme to capture the essence of a starlit night.

under the sky baby shower

This celestial theme offers a serene and enchanting backdrop, perfect for welcoming a new life. Set up a seating area with cozy blankets and floor cushions for guests to gaze at the stars.

For the food and drink, consider a midnight snack bar featuring moon-shaped cookies and star-spangled cupcakes, complemented by sparkling beverages. A star map or constellation activity would provide a delightful touch, allowing guests to name a star after the baby for a memorable gift.

19. Storybook 🧚

Transport your guests into the whimsical world of literature with a storybook-themed baby shower.

Decorate each table to represent a different beloved children’s book, using quotes, illustrations, and items that evoke key moments from the stories.

Encourage guests to bring a book instead of a card, building a lovely library for the baby. For the cake and decorations, draw inspiration from classic storybook characters and scenes.

Offer a menu with whimsical, book-inspired treats and drinks named after popular children’s book titles. Activities could include story readings from selected books or a crafting station for bookmarks, adding a personal and literary touch to your celebration.

20. Music lovers 🎶

For this theme, decorate with musical notes, instruments, and records to set a melodious scene.

boys rock baby shower

Boys Rock Baby Shower Decorations

Consider incorporating elements from various music genres to appeal to all guests, and use musical symbols as a unifying theme throughout the decor. Live music or a special lullaby performance can elevate the atmosphere, making it a truly memorable event.

Set up a DIY instrument station where guests can create simple musical toys for the baby or host a karaoke session to enjoy fun and laughter together.

For food, serve treats that are cleverly named after musical terms or famous songs, and consider a cake designed to look like a musical instrument or a record player.

21. Racecar 🏎️

Zoom into the excitement of motherhood with a racecar-themed baby shower that’s sure to get everyone’s engines running.

Decorate your venue with checkered flags, car-themed ornaments, and a race track layout that guides guests through the party.

A race track cake, complete with little car toppers, makes a perfect centerpiece for your dessert table. Serve race-inspired snacks like “spare tire” donuts and “pit stop” popcorn to keep the theme fun and lighthearted.

mini race track for baby shower

Electric Racing Tracks – Rating 4.1/5 on Amazon

For activities, you could set up a mini remote-controlled car race or a design station where guests can decorate onesies with car and racing motifs.

22. Little scientist 🧪

Celebrate the wonder of discovery for inspiring a future Einstein.

Decorate with elements like beakers, test tubes, and atom models, and consider using lab coats as unique party favors.

A cake designed to look like a bubbling beaker will add a fun and creative touch to your food spread.

For refreshments, serve drinks in beakers and have snacks in Petri dishes to keep with the scientific theme.

Activities could include making simple, safe experiments to entertain and educate your guests or crafting DIY slime as party favors.

23. Beach bum 🏖️

Bring the relaxing vibes of the beach to your celebration with a beach bum baby shower.

Decorate with seashells, sand, and beach balls to create a seaside atmosphere.

beach bum baby shower theme

Use a palette of blues and sandy tones to make the setting serene and inviting.

For a centerpiece, consider a sandcastle or a tiered cake that resembles the ocean waves.

Offer seafood snacks, tropical fruits, and refreshing beverages like coconut water or fruity mocktails.

Activities include beach games, a sand art station, or a fun photo booth with beach props and backdrops.

24. Woodland creatures 🦊

This theme creates a charming and whimsical atmosphere. Decorate with images or figurines of cute woodland animals, such as foxes, owls, and deer.

woodland animals baby shower

Mini Woodland Animals Plush Toys

Use natural materials like wood slices for serving trays or centerpieces, and incorporate greenery and floral arrangements to mimic a forest setting.

A cake adorned with woodland creatures and forest-themed decorations will delight your guests.

Serve rustic, nature-inspired treats and herbal teas to enhance the outdoor feel. Activities might include a storytelling session of famous forest tales or a crafting corner for making animal-themed nursery decor.

25. Rainforest baby shower 🌳

Transform your party space into a lush tropical rainforest, bringing the vibrant and exotic atmosphere of the tropics to your celebration.

Adorn your venue with bright flowers, lush greenery, and decor that features exotic birds to immerse your guests in a tropical paradise.

rainforest baby shower

217 Pcs Sage Green Baby Shower Decorations

The vivid colors and natural elements create a lively and refreshing ambiance, perfect for welcoming new life.

Serve tropical fruits, refreshing juices, and finger foods that evoke the flavors of the rainforest.

For activities, consider a crafting station where guests can create their tropical-themed keepsakes or play games that involve rainforest trivia.

26. Travel the world 🗺️

Celebrate the exciting journey of parenthood with a travel-themed baby shower. Decorate your space with maps, globes, and flags from various countries to create a worldly atmosphere.

This theme encourages guests to think about the vast and diverse world that awaits the new baby. For refreshments, offer an international menu featuring dishes and snacks from different countries.

Activities can include writing postcards with wishes for the baby or a guessing game involving baby-related phrases in different languages.

This globally inspired celebration is perfect for parents who love to explore different cultures and dream of future travels with their children.

27. Pirate treasure 🏴‍☠️

Set the course for adventure with a Pirate Treasure-themed baby shower. Decorate your venue with pirate flags, treasure chests, and gold coins for a swashbuckling good time.

Use pirate hats, eye patches, and other themed accessories to enhance the festive pirate atmosphere. Serve seafood snacks, “pirate punch,” and a treasure chest cake to keep the theme alive through every detail.

pirate baby shower

Pirate Party Honeycomb Centerpieces

Activities might include a treasure hunt game in which guests follow clues to find hidden treasures around the party area. This would add excitement and engagement to the celebration.

28. Future athlete 🏅

Host a sports-themed celebration for a future athlete with a baby shower that scores big on fun and festivity.

Decorate using sports equipment like balls, bats, and jerseys, and incorporate team logos to represent various sports. This theme is perfect for sports enthusiasts and sets a lively tone for the party.

Offer stadium-style snacks like popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos to keep with the sports theme. For entertainment, organize mini-games or competitions that let guests show off their athletic skills, or have a quiz related to famous sports moments and athletes.

This active and energetic theme is great for celebrating a baby who might one day be a sports star.

29. Winter wonderland ☃️

For those who plan to have a baby shower in winter – why not transform your space into a frosty paradise with cool blues and whites?

Decorate with snowflake garlands and icicle lights cascading from ceilings and doorways, accompanied by white tablecloths sprinkled with silver glitter to mimic fresh snow.

snowflake baby shower

Snowflakes Garland – Rating 4.4/5 on Amazon

Centerpieces of white branches and hanging crystals evoke frozen icicles, setting a serene scene. For the refreshments, delight your guests with a dessert table featuring snowman cupcakes, white chocolate bark, and a beautifully decorated cake that looks like it’s been dusted with snow.

A hot cocoa bar with peppermint sticks, marshmallows, and cinnamon adds a cozy touch.

Engage guests with a DIY ornament station where they can paint and decorate their own ornaments to remember the day.

30. Little artist 🎨

Inspire creativity at your baby shower with a Little Artist theme, perfect for celebrating a future creative genius.

Set up easels around the venue with canvases for guests to paint on. Add tablecloths splattered with colorful paint alongside balloons in bright primary colors to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Serve artistic treats like a palette-shaped cake with colorful icing sections and fruit skewers, accompanied by colorful punch.

Activities can include canvas painting for guests to contribute to a collective artwork for the baby’s nursery and face painting for playful interactions.

31. Buzzy bee 🐝

Create a sweet, buzzing atmosphere with this theme. It’s perfect for celebrating the new arrival with a touch of nature’s sweetness.

Adorn the venue with bee and honeycomb-themed banners, yellow and black balloons, and small potted plants embellished with little bee decorations.

little bee decorations for baby shower

25 Set Bee Baby Shower Favors – Rating 4.7/5 on Amazon

Offer honey-flavored treats like honey cake and set up beeswax candles on tables for ambiance, along with a honey-tasting station featuring various types of honey.

Serve lemonade in mason jars with striped straws to maintain the theme. For activities, introduce a “What Will Baby Bee” prediction board where guests can guess aspects of the baby’s future and set up a station for crafting bee-themed thank-you cards.

cute baby shower themes for boys

With its vibrant culture and beautiful locations, Los Angeles is the ideal place to bring these boy baby shower themes to life.

And whether it’s the idyllic beaches of Malibu or the charming locales of Orange County, every corner offers unique venues for your celebration.

Embrace the fun, the love, and the joy with Picnic Makers because every baby shower deserves to be extraordinary.


What are some unique baby shower ideas for boys?

There are many unique boy baby shower themes to choose from. Some creative themes include a little astronaut shower that’s out of this world, a little gentleman shower with dapper decorations, an adventure awaits shower that beckons future explorations, and a little scientist shower that’s all about discovery.

How can I incorporate a baby boy theme into the baby shower games?

It’s easy to weave your theme into baby shower games. For example, a nautical adventure shower could have a pin the sail on the boat game. Meanwhile, a jungle safari shower could feature a guess the animal sound game. Each theme provides an opportunity for games that are both entertaining and fitting.

How can I make my boy’s baby shower more interactive for the guests?

To make your baby shower more interactive, consider planning engaging games that tie in with your theme. You could also set up DIY stations; for example, decorate your bib station or design your onesie station. Like a little artist, a painting or crafting activity could be included for a theme. A great idea can be a diaper raffle game.

How can I ensure my baby boy’s shower is memorable?

Focusing on the details is the key to making your baby shower memorable. Select a theme that resonates with you and thread it throughout the event, from the decor to the games, the food, and the invitations. Personal touches, meaningful activities, and special guest keepsakes can enhance the event’s memorability.

Where can I host a boy’s baby shower in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles boasts many venues ideal for a baby shower. Depending on your chosen theme, you could opt for a lush park perfect for a baby shower luxury picnic, a beachfront location for a nautical adventure or beach bum shower, or a function room, restaurant, or even a home for themes like a little gentleman or superhero.

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