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If you’re looking for inspiring team-building ideas in LA, welcome to your ideal starting point!

Los Angeles offers many opportunities to strengthen teamwork, boost collaboration, and craft lasting memories with your colleagues. But with so many options, how do you choose the perfect one for your team?

Our expert event planners have curated a list of exciting and fun team-building activities to help you easily find the best fit for your company.

Exhilarating outdoor adventures

Get ready for an adventure! We’ll explore some amazing outdoor activities that will challenge your body and stimulate your spirit.

1. Corporate luxury pop-up picnic 🌟

At Picnic Makers, your go-to LA picnic specialist, we offer custom corporate luxury picnics that are simply unparalleled. Envision a luxurious picnic setup under the big blue sky, surrounded by a stylish table setting with bohemian touches and fringe umbrellas that match your company colors.

It’s the perfect place to have a relaxed, productive chat and get to know each other better. Move beyond the typical office and make your corporate gatherings more special with a touch of elegance and flair.

Book online now with Picnic Makers to design an unforgettable experience to bring your team closer together.

2. Beach Olympics 🤾‍♀️

The sandy shores of Los Angeles, from Santa Monica to Malibu and Newport Beach, set the perfect stage for a day of fun, camaraderie, and competition, making it an ideal location for the Beach Olympics.

Games like volleyball, tug-of-war, and relay races get people competitive, help teams bond, and encourage collaboration.

If you’re looking for more ideas on using group dynamics in a fun setting, check out the detailed guide on outdoor team-building ideas.

team picnic games

It’s essential to have a checklist of items to bring along to ensure everyone stays hydrated and energized throughout the event.

Key essentials may include:

This setting is a great way for staff to unwind and create lasting memories they’ll cherish and talk about when they return to the office.

3. Hiking ⛰️

Taking on the trails together is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy some amazing views while working as a team. LA County is surrounded by pretty amazing natural landscapes, making it the perfect place for group hiking.

Consider these top five hiking trails perfect for team-building:

  • Griffith Park Trails: Offers a range of routes with varying difficulties and stunning views of the Los Angeles skyline.
  • Runyon Canyon: Popular among locals and celebrities alike, it provides excellent opportunities for networking and casual encounters.
  • Topanga State Park: Features expansive trails that showcase the diverse ecology of the area.
  • Malibu Creek State Park: Known for its scenic beauty and role in many films and TV shows, this park offers engaging trails encouraging team discussions and bonding.
  • Eaton Canyon: A less strenuous option with a waterfall reward, perfect for teams looking for a gentle hike with a scenic payoff.

Get inspired for your next outdoor adventure, and explore some outdoor activities in Los Angeles.

Tackling the trails together poses a healthy physical challenge and rewards the team with spectacular views and a collective sense of achievement.

team building activities - hiking

Ensure everyone has a small backpack cooler to keep snacks fresh, an insulated tote bag for easy carrying, as well as sunscreen lotions to avoid harmful UV rays. Also, it’s better to bring a first-aid kit and make sure at least one team member knows the basics of wilderness safety.

Once you’ve finished your hike, take a moment to reflect on the journey and discuss the day’s experiences.

For more ideas on how to bring nature into your corporate wellness programs, check out our company picnic ideas, where we explore different ways to encourage health and camaraderie in corporate settings.

4. Community service 👐

Participating in a community service project, like a beach clean-up, is a great way to bring your team together outside the office. These meaningful activities help teams bond and feel a strong sense of shared purpose and commitment to teamwork.

Ensure your team has the right gear, like large beach bags for all their cleaning supplies, sunscreen for sun protection, and glass water bottles to stay hydrated without adding to plastic waste. Each of these items helps make the effort more effective and environmentally conscious.

After the clean-up, consider gathering the team to reflect on the day’s achievements. This reflection is not only a chance to celebrate the impact made but also an opportunity to discuss further actions and foster a continuing commitment to community service.

5. City scavenger hunt 🗺️

Transform Los Angeles’s vibrant cityscape into an exhilarating playground with a city-wide scavenger hunt. As teams explore the city, they’ll discover new places, learn more about LA’s rich culture and history, and think creatively to solve problems.

This activity is a great way to improve team dynamics and get everyone involved in a unique way.

To make your city scavenger hunt successful, consider equipping your team with a portable charger to keep everyone’s devices powered up throughout the day.

Engaging indoor activities

Check out some fun indoor activities that are great for team-building or just for your own enjoyment, no matter what the weather is like outside.

6. Improv comedy workshop 🎭

An improv comedy workshop will help team members communicate more openly, be more creative, and solve problems better. By the way, laughter is a great way to break down barriers and build stronger, more cohesive teams!

Here are some comedy workshop ideas:

  • Yes, And… Exercise: Pair up and build a conversation where each sentence starts with “Yes, and…”.
  • Group Storytelling: Create a story together, one sentence at a time.
  • Role Reversal Skits: Act out short skits where participants swap roles to encourage empathy and understanding.

To prepare for an improv workshop, plan the event carefully. Consider bringing a few essentials like cozy blankets for outdoor or casual indoor settings, small portable speakers for background music or sound effects, snacks, and drinks to keep the energy high throughout the session.

7. Escape rooms 😮

Escape rooms challenge teams and really test critical thinking and collaborative skills. These adventures in the heart of Los Angeles require participants to work together to solve puzzles and “escape” within a set time limit.

After the escape room adventure, it’s a good idea to have a debriefing session during a picnic, for instance, where everyone can share their thoughts on the experience and talk about how the skills they used can be applied at work.

Vlad’s comment: When I was working for Xivic – an LA digital marketing agency, I remember we had a few very cool team-building events together. One of them was the Escape room! I knew my colleagues were cool, but playing with them together and solving puzzles and challenges – it was fun! Btw, our team escaped first among others!

8. Cooking classes 😋

Spice up your team-building activities with a cooking class!

When you’re planning a cooking class for your team, think about including a few essentials to make the experience even better.

  1. Plastic plates for serving the dishes you make.
  2. Don’t forget a corkscrew wine opener for those who want to pair their meal with a glass of wine.
  3. Make sure each person has a bag or container for carrying leftovers.

remote cooking class for businesses

After the class, gather everyone to share the meal they’ve prepared together.

9. Art workshop 🖼️

Let your team unleash its creative potential with an art workshop in the vibrant cultural landscape of Los Angeles.

These workshops are a great chance for team members to escape the daily grind and try something creative.

To maximize the experience at your art workshop, make sure to have all the necessary supplies on hand: canvases, paint, brushes, aprons, and easels.

Following the workshop, organizing a relaxed art show where participants can display and discuss their creations can greatly enhance the group’s camaraderie.

team building activities - hiking

Exciting virtual team-building activities

If your headquarters is in LA but the rest of the team is widespread around the US or even worldwide – consider exploring a range of exciting virtual team-building activities.

10. Virtual trivia 🤩

Take a break from the usual office routine and try something new! For example, hosting a virtual trivia night is a great way to add some fun to your team’s routine.

To ensure your virtual trivia night goes well, you’ll need to develop a set of trivia questions that cover different topics to suit different interests, and digital scorekeeping tools to keep track of points.

It’s a great chance for everyone to show off their trivia smarts and learn some new facts in a fun, relaxed competition. If you’re looking for more ideas on engaging team activities, we’ve got you covered.

After the trivia session, it’s great to have a casual discussion or feedback session where team members can discuss their experience and the fun facts they learned.

Check out our group activities for adults for some extra inspiration.

11. Online art class 🎨

Creative activities like painting or drawing can also help teams bond as participants share their artistic processes and support each other’s artistic exploration.

For more on making this sharing and bonding event a success, check out our lifehacks on planning a corporate event. They’ve got some great advice on how to put together effective and enjoyable team gatherings, even in a virtual format.

12. Online wellness workshop 🫶

Encourage wellness and relaxation within your team through an online wellness workshop.

This virtual event can include yoga, mindfulness, or meditation sessions, providing a valuable opportunity for team members to focus on personal and collective well-being.

To set up a successful online wellness workshop, choose a reliable streaming camera with high-quality audio and video to facilitate a seamless session.

You might also consider sending participants wellness packages with items like yoga mats to enhance their comfort during the session.

Wrap up the workshop with a group discussion, during which participants can share their experiences and the benefits they felt.

Thrilling activities in Orange County

Discover the thrilling activities that Orange County has to offer, perfect for adventurers and thrill-seekers alike.

13. Surfing lessons 🏄

Take your team-building to the waves with a trip to OC for surfing lessons. This is a great way to have fun and build trust and teamwork.

As team members learn to ride the waves, they naturally support and encourage one another, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect.

To make sure everyone has a good time, make sure everyone has the right gear. This means ensuring you have surfboards, wetsuits, and sunscreen lotions to protect you from the sun.

Choosing a reputable surf school with experienced instructors will also enhance the experience, ensuring safety and personalized guidance for all skill levels.

14. Wine-tasting tour 🍷

Take a relaxing trip through Orange County’s beautiful vineyards with a wine-tasting tour. Choose vineyards in regions like the Temecula Valley or Laguna Canyon, known for their quality and hospitality.

Consider arranging a private tour guide to enrich the experience with expert insights into each wine and its background. It’s a great team-building activity for anyone who appreciates fine wines.

Wrap up the day with a casual gathering in the vineyards or a nearby scenic spot where everyone can discuss their favorite wines and moments.

15. Kayaking adventure 🐬

Invite your team to bond over a kayaking adventure in Orange County. This outdoor activity offers a refreshing break from the routine office environment and challenges team members to coordinate and collaborate in new settings.

kayaking in Orange County

Ensure everyone is prepared for the day by providing kayaks, paddles, and life vests.

Consider these popular kayaking spots known for their calm waters and scenic beauty:

  • Newport Beach Back Bay: Offers serene water and beautiful natural landscapes, perfect for beginners.
  • Huntington Harbor: Known for its calm waters and numerous channels, ideal for exploration and team activities.
  • Dana Point Harbor: Provides opportunities to see marine life and enjoy clear waters, suitable for all skill levels.

After the kayaking session, consider hosting a beach picnic or casual gathering by the water.

16. Anaheim Ducks game 🏒

Get your team together for a great time at an Anaheim Ducks game. It’s a great chance to enjoy live hockey together. Cheering for a team together is a way to build a strong sense of unity and create unforgettable memories.

End the night with a post-game gathering at a nearby restaurant or bar to discuss the game’s highlights and enjoy the team spirit.

17. Team building workshop at Orange County Zoo 🦙

Why not consider a workshop at the Orange County Zoo for a truly unique team-building event?

This is a great way to break away from the usual office environment and get up close to animals, take a behind-the-scenes tour, and learn more about conservation.

Getting out in nature and interacting with wildlife can really help teams bond and learn more about environmental stewardship.

Malibu team-building activity ideas

Malibu offers many activities that cater to nature lovers, adventure seekers, and relaxation enthusiasts alike.

18. Malibu wine hike 🍷

Organize a Malibu wine hike for an unforgettable team-building experience that combines physical activity with leisure and luxury.

Set against the backdrop of Malibu’s stunning vineyards, your team will traverse the picturesque trails, enjoying breathtaking views of rolling hills and lush grapevines.

Along the way, they’ll encounter friendly animals such as horses and llamas, adding a unique and enjoyable twist to the hike. The journey culminates in a wine-tasting session where everyone can relax and sample exquisite local wines, making for a perfect blend of adventure and indulgence.

This activity offers a chance to get some exercise and ample opportunities for relaxation and bonding.

19. Beach yoga session

Kickstart your team’s day with a rejuvenating beach yoga session on the scenic shores of Malibu.

The soothing sound of the waves and the refreshing ocean breeze creates the perfect environment for mindfulness and relaxation.

This serene setting enhances concentration during yoga practices and fosters a deeper connection among team members as they engage in this peaceful, shared activity.

group yoga

The session can be tailored to suit all levels of yoga proficiency, ensuring that every team member can participate comfortably and benefit from the experience.

To organize this beach yoga session effectively, you’ll need a few key items: yoga mats for each participant, lightweight blankets or towels, and optional yoga blocks and straps for those who might need them for support. Provide ample sunscreen and perhaps lightweight hats to protect from the morning sun.

Arrange the session, including booking a certified yoga instructor who specializes in beach sessions, securing a permit if required by local regulations for public beach use, and scheduling the session for early morning to avoid the crowds and to enjoy the cooler part of the day.

20. Sunset cruise ⛵

Book a sunset cruise along the gorgeous Malibu coastline for a team-building experience combining relaxation and amazing views. Choose a reputable cruise provider with a solid track record for excellent service and safety to make sure your sunset cruise goes off without a hitch.

As your team cruises along the calm waters, they’ll get to see the amazing sunset, with its vibrant hues, casting a perfect backdrop for relaxation and deepening team connections.

Beforehand, you’ll want to arrange for transportation to the dock, team swag like custom beach hats or shirts for photos, and possibly seasickness bands for anyone prone to motion sickness

sunset cruise in Malibu

Planning these details ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience that allows every team member to relax, connect, and take in the beauty of Malibu’s coastal scenery.

21. Hiking in Malibu Creek State Park 🏞️

Organize a group hike in Malibu Creek State Park to boost team collaboration and cohesion through a shared outdoor adventure.

As your team traverses the diverse terrain, they’ll encounter stunning vistas that foster a sense of wonder and teamwork, promoting discussions and interactions that might not occur in a typical office setting.

To ensure a successful hiking trip, plan the route according to the team’s overall fitness levels and hiking experience to keep everyone comfortable and engaged.

Essential items include comfortable hiking shoes, water bottles, sunscreen, hats, snacks, or a packed lunch for a mid-hike break.

Additionally, consider bringing a first-aid kit and ensuring at least one team member is familiar with basic wilderness safety.

If the group is large or the trail is challenging, arranging a professional guide is also advisable.

To Sum Up

Whether exploring the great outdoors, laughing together in an improv workshop, or relaxing with a luxury picnic, these team-building activities in Los Angeles are all about creating shared experiences.

These experiences foster better communication and partnership and inject fun into your work environment. Incorporating team building into your corporate events can significantly impact your business’s success.

For an unforgettable, unique, and luxurious experience, book a corporate picnic with us at Picnic Makers.

We will transform your team-building event into an extraordinary day of fun, beautiful settings, and excellent company. Let us make your team’s day unforgettable.


Why is team building important?

Team building is a must for all companies. It helps communication, collaboration, creativity, and morale. These activities help build trust, resolve conflicts, and create a more engaging and productive work environment.

What types of team-building activities are available in LA?

Given its vibrant and diverse culture, Los Angeles offers a lot of team-building initiatives. There’s something for everyone, from outdoor adventures like hiking, beach Olympics, and city scavenger hunts to indoor activities like cooking classes, art workshops, and escape rooms. Virtual meet-ups, like online wellness workshops and virtual trivia, are also available for remote teams.

How can team-building activities benefit remote teams?

For remote teams, getting together virtually for team-building activities can really help to improve communication, build stronger relationships, and create a sense of community and belonging. Some examples of these experiences are virtual trivia, online art classes, remote cooking sessions, and virtual escape rooms.

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