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Beneath the golden glow of June’s sun lies a tradition cherished across the globe—International Picnic Day. This beloved day, marked annually on June 18th, invites us to revel in the pleasures of dining outside.

From the lush greenery of your local park to the tranquil shores of a nearby lake or even the comfort of your living room floor, International Picnic Day is a testament to the joy of sharing food and laughter under the open sky.

What is International Picnic Day, and why do we celebrate it?

This day is an ode to the joys of dining in the great outdoors, marking an important date for enthusiasts worldwide asking, “When is International Picnic Day?” Whether enjoying a sprawling meal in a picturesque park or savoring a simple sandwich on a city bench, this day encourages us to embrace the simple pleasure of eating outside.

This celebration transcends national boundaries, often leading to confusion with National Picnic Day, yet its essence remains the same globally. But what exactly makes this day so special, and why has it evolved into a cherished event across the globe?

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History of International Picnic Day

The history of International Picnic Day and the concept of picnicking is as rich and varied as the menus that grace the picnic blankets. The term “picnic” finds its roots in the French “pique-nique,” which embodied leisurely dining in the open air, an activity initially the reserve of the French elite. This tradition of elegant outdoor feasting began in the 18th century and symbolized social status with meticulously prepared meals and elaborate settings.

As the idea of picnicking spread across Europe and beyond, it underwent a remarkable transformation. What began as an exclusive activity for the aristocracy evolved into a popular form of communal celebration accessible to all layers of society.

Changes influenced this evolution in social structure and public access to formerly exclusive green spaces. By the 19th century, picnics became a common way for people of all classes to enjoy a day out, blending relaxation with the enjoyment of nature.

The adaptability of picnics is evident in their use for various purposes over the years. Beyond mere social gatherings, picnics have played roles in significant historical events, serving as peaceful protests or as settings for public demonstrations of unity and freedom.

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One notable example is the Pan-European Picnic, which played a part in the series of events that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, symbolizing picnics as gatherings with the power to foster change and bring about unity.

Moreover, the record for the largest picnic in the world, set in 2009 in Lisbon, Portugal, with over 22,000 participants, showcases picnics’ universal appeal and their capacity to bring together people from diverse backgrounds for a shared experience.

Today, the spirit of picnicking remains vibrant, embodying simplicity, camaraderie, and the joy of eating outdoors. International Picnic Day serves as a reminder of this enduring tradition, inviting people worldwide to partake in the simple pleasure of a meal shared in the beauty of the natural world.

It celebrates the act of picnicking and the rich history and social fabric it has woven through centuries. It continues to evolve and adapt to the times while retaining its core of bringing people together in the embrace of nature.

How to celebrate International Picnic Day

Celebrating International Picnic Day can be as varied and unique as the people participating. There are endless ways to enjoy the day, from solo lunches in quiet corners of city parks to grand gatherings in sprawling gardens. Here, we’ll explore creative ideas for marking the occasion, including elevating your picnic experience with Picnic Makers for those seeking luxury and convenience.

1. Participate in a local community picnic

Many towns and organizations host special picnics on International Picnic Day, creating a perfect opportunity for you to connect with others in your community. These events often feature a variety of foods and recreational activities, making it an excellent way to enjoy good company and make new friends in a festive atmosphere.

2. Create Your picnic adventure

Embrace International Picnic Day by organizing your picnic. Start by preparing some sandwiches for a picnic, adding a selection of picnic appetizers to tantalize your taste buds, and don’t forget to pack some delightful picnic desserts for a sweet finale. Choose a picturesque location, like a local park, serene beach, or cozy backyard, to enjoy these treats.

The essence of the celebration lies in enjoying the moment, the food, and the beautiful surroundings. Carry your feast in a stylish picnic basket and relax on a comfortable picnic blanket, ensuring your outdoor dining experience is enjoyable and memorable.

3. Enhance Your picnic experience

Seeking to transform your International Picnic Day into an unparalleled celebration of sophistication and joy? Look no further than Picnic Makers. With us, it’s not just a picnic; it’s an expedition into luxury and bespoke outdoor experiences.

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We specialize in creating luxury pop-up, hassle-free picnics that elevate outdoor celebrations to an exceptional level. With a keen eye for detail, from seamless setup to delivering exquisite settings, we transform any picnic into a remarkable event.

At Picnic Makers, we’re dedicated to elevating your celebration with unmatched elegance and convenience, promising a memorable picnic day.

International Picnic Day dates

Year Date Day of the Week
2024 June 18 Tuesday
2025 June 18 Wednesday
2026 June 18 Thursday
2027 June 18 Friday
2028 June 18 Sunday
2029 June 18 Monday
2030 June 18 Tuesday


Celebrating International Picnic Day transcends the act of outdoor dining; it’s an embrace of togetherness, the beauty of the environment, and the pleasure found in life’s simpler moments. As you unfold your blanket in a serene park, become part of a vibrant community gathering, or luxuriate in a sophisticated beach picnic arranged by Picnic Makers, seize this day to relish the natural splendor surrounding you.

Let International Picnic Day remind you to cherish good food, great companionship, and the unparalleled allure of the open air.

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