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A rehearsal dinner is not just a prelude to your wedding day; it’s a cherished opportunity to gather with your closest family and friends in an intimate setting.

This gathering is perfect for expressing gratitude, sharing stories, and easing pre-wedding jitters, setting a joyful and relaxed tone for the upcoming festivities.

With thoughtful planning and creative touches, your wedding rehearsal dinner invitations can set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

We’ve prepared unique ideas for crafting the perfect rehearsal dinner invitation wording, reflecting your style and making this event a memorable highlight of your wedding celebration.

Add a personal touch for invitations

Make your invitations extra special by including a heartfelt note or a charming anecdote about the couple. Share a fun memory or a meaningful story that showcases their journey to this special day.

Example: “Join us for an evening filled with love, laughter, and memories as we celebrate the final countdown to [Bride] and [Groom]’s wedding. Let’s reminisce about the good times and toast their bright future together!”

Themed invitations

Align your invitation design and wording with the theme of the rehearsal dinner. This gives guests a delightful preview of the event’s atmosphere.

Example for a beach bonfire party: “Grab your flip-flops and join us for a bonfire under the stars! [Bride] and [Groom] can’t wait to celebrate with you at a beachside rehearsal dinner filled with music, laughter, and s’mores. See you at [location] at [time].”

Opt interactive elements

Add interactive elements to your invitations to make them engaging. Consider including a small RSVP quiz or asking guests to suggest songs for the evening.

Example: “We can’t wait to see you at [Bride] and [Groom]’s rehearsal dinner! We’d love to hear your favorite song to make the night even more special. Let us know when you RSVP!”

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Visual appeal matter

Incorporate high-quality images or custom illustrations that reflect the couple’s style or the dinner’s theme. These visual elements will make your invitations stand out and be more memorable.

Example: “With watercolor florals and elegant calligraphy, join us for an enchanting garden tea party as we celebrate [Bride] and [Groom] on the eve of their wedding. Details inside!”

rehearsal dinner

Use a fun and playful tone

Let that personality shine through in the wording if the couple’s style is casual and fun. Use playful language to create a relaxed and inviting tone.

Example: “It’s almost time for the big ‘I do’! But first, let’s eat, drink, and be merry at [Bride] and [Groom]’s rehearsal dinner. We’ll have great food, awesome company, and plenty of laughs. Don’t miss out!”

Give clear and concise information

Ensure your invitations include all the necessary details, such as the date, time, location, and dress code. This will help guests prepare accordingly and avoid any confusion.

Example: “You’re invited to a rehearsal dinner in honor of [Bride] and [Groom]. Date: [date]. Time: [time]. Location: [venue]. Dress code: Casual chic.”

RSVP instructions

Provide clear instructions on how and when to RSVP. Consider including a QR code that links to an RSVP form for added convenience.

Example: “Please RSVP by [date] via [email/phone number/website]. Scan the QR code below to let us know you’re coming!”

These thoughtful touches will ensure that your rehearsal dinner invitations are informative and a delightful preview of the celebration to come.

Sample rehearsal dinner invitations

Classic formal invitation: “The night before the big day, we gather to celebrate the love and laughter shared by [Bride] and [Groom]. Please join us for a formal rehearsal dinner on [date] at [time]. Kindly RSVP by [date].”

Rustic barn dinner: “Before [Bride] and [Groom] say ‘I do,’ let’s toast under the twinkling lights of [venue]. Join us for a rustic barn rehearsal dinner with BBQ, music, and dancing. Dress code: Country chic. See you there!”

City rooftop soiree: “We’re taking it to the city skyline! Celebrate with [Bride] and [Groom] at a rooftop rehearsal dinner featuring cocktails, gourmet bites, and breathtaking views. Please meet us at [location] at [time]. Dress to impress!”

Tips for making invitations engaging

Following these tips and using the provided examples as inspiration, you can craft rehearsal dinner invitations that are both informative and engaging, perfectly reflecting the couple’s unique style and celebration plans.

  • Personalization: Whenever possible, address each invitation personally. This small gesture can make guests feel especially valued and appreciated. Incorporating heartfelt elements in your rehearsal dinner speech can make the evening even more memorable.
  • Creative fonts and colors: Choose fonts and colors that match the wedding theme or reflect the couple’s personality. This adds a cohesive and visually appealing touch to your invitations.
  • Include a quote or poem: Incorporate a meaningful quote or poem that resonates with the couple’s love story. This adds a sentimental and romantic element to the invitation.
  • Call-to-action: Encourage guests to share something special, such as a favorite memory, with the couple when they RSVP. This interactive element makes the invitation more engaging and personal.

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What information should be included in a rehearsal dinner invitation?

A rehearsal dinner invitation should provide all the essential details to ensure guests are well-prepared and know what to expect. Here’s what to include:

  1. Date and time: clearly state the date and start time of the rehearsal dinner. Include a schedule if the event has multiple parts (e.g., cocktails first, then dinner).
  2. Location: Provide the full address of the venue. If the location is difficult or has specific entry instructions, include a map or directions.
  3. Dress code: indicate the dress code to help guests choose appropriate attire. Guests appreciate knowing this in advance, whether formal, semi-formal, casual, or themed.
  4. RSVP instructions: include clear instructions on how and when to RSVP. Provide contact information such as a phone number, email address, or a link to an online RSVP form. Mention the RSVP deadline to ensure timely responses.
  5. Hosts: mention who is hosting the dinner (traditionally the groom’s family, but it can be the couple or another family member).
  6. Additional information: on the invitation, include any special instructions or details guests should know, such as parking information, dietary requests, or whether children are welcome.

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invitation to the rehearsal dinner

How to send rehearsal dinner invitations

Before sending rehearsal dinner invitations, decide on the guest list, which typically includes the wedding party, immediate family, and close friends.

Choose between physical or digital invitations. Send the invitations about 4-6 weeks before the event, following up with non-responders as the RSVP deadline approaches. Based on the RSVPs received, confirm final details with your venue and caterers, and send a reminder a week before the event to ensure all guests are informed and prepared.

When writing the invitations, choosing the appropriate language to reflect the event’s formality and the couple’s personality is important. Whether the tone is casual, humorous, or formal, it should match the overall theme of the rehearsal dinner. This will give guests a clear sense of what to expect and help create a memorable and enjoyable experience.

For more tips on planning special events, including fun activities, check out these bridal shower games to engage your guests.

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Creating the perfect rehearsal dinner invitation is an art that combines personal touch, clear communication, and creative flair.

Whether you opt for classic elegance, rustic charm, or playful fun, the key is to reflect the couple’s unique personality and set the tone for an unforgettable evening. So get creative and make your rehearsal dinner a beautiful prelude to your wedding day.


How can you make your invitation wording more personal?

Add a heartfelt message or anecdote about the couple’s journey. Personal touches like these make the invitation feel special and unique.

How should I address rehearsal dinner invitations to guests?

Use formal titles and full names for a traditional approach, or choose first names for a casual vibe. Match the tone of your invitation to the overall theme of your wedding.

How can you incorporate humor into invitation wording?

Include light-hearted jokes or playful phrases that reflect the couple’s personality. Humor can make the invitation memorable and fun.

How do you handle plus-ones in rehearsal dinner invitation wording?

Clearly indicate whether guests can bring a plus-one. Use wording like “We invite you and a guest to join us” to avoid confusion.

What information should be included in a rehearsal dinner invitation?

Include the date and time, location, dress code, RSVP instructions, and the host’s name. This ensures guests are well-prepared and know what to expect.

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