16 exclusive brunch party ideas

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Everyone loves brunch! It’s the perfect blend of morning and afternoon, where the air is filled with the aroma of fresh coffee ☕ delicious treats 🍰 or bottomless mimosas 🥂🍊

We all know that brunch is more than just a meal—it’s a lively social event that combines the best breakfast and lunch into a delicious celebration. It usually starts between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM and lasts a couple of hours. A brunch party is a great way to meet friends and family, unwind, and connect.

In this article, we’ve compiled a collection of brunch party ideas, from cozy gatherings to something more grand. We have everything here to make your mid-morning meal special.

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Exclusive Brunch Party Ideas

We invite you to explore our meticulously curated selection of exclusive brunch ideas, ensuring every detail has been crafted carefully to create a unique luxury atmosphere.

1. Luxury pop-up picnic at the beach 🌊

Imagine the soft mid-morning sunlight, the soothing sound of waves, and a breezy salt-air setting as the backdrop for your next brunch.

bachelorette party in Los Angeles

A luxury pop-up beach picnic at scenic locations like Malibu and Santa Monica provides an exclusive setting for enjoying gourmet brunch spreads with the ones you love.

We take care of everything, from setting up a beautiful picnic with comfortable plush pillows and stylish boho decorations to creating a menu with our trusted partners featuring the freshest ingredients.

2. Themed brunch soirees 🌴

How about infusing your brunch with a unique atmosphere and aesthetic?

Imagine transforming your breakfast into a memorable event! Simply choose a specific theme that reflects your vision! Here are some of the ideas:

  • Garden party brunch 🌿 A rooftop garden brunch theme party is a great way to show off your sophistication with an organic touch, offering panoramic views and a refreshing menu to match.
  • Seaside brunch 🌊 Why not bring the beach to your brunch? Decorate with seashells, driftwood, and soft blue and white hues. Add seafood to your menu, along with tropical drinks.
  • Vintage-themed brunch ✨ Take your guests on a journey back in time. Use elegant table settings like antique teacups and classic linens. Add some jazz background music to set the mood.

Fun Brunch Party Ideas

At Picnic Makers, we are passionate about infusing every party with excitement and creativity.

We’ve created a list of some great ideas below to make your morning celebrations more lively.

3. Avocado everything brunch 🥑

Set up an avocado bar with different ripe avocados, spices, and toppings so guests can make their own guacamole.

You may also include avocado-inspired dishes like avocado toast with an assortment of toppings, avocado chocolate mousse, and even avocado margaritas.

Set this up in a bright, sunny spot like Long Beach, where the vibrant setting complements the freshness of the dishes.

4. Art & dine experience 🎨

Mix up your brunch with a creative twist by organizing a paint-and-sip activity.

Provide guests with canvases, brushes, and paints, and let a local artist lead them through creating their masterpieces.

While your guests work on the paint, serve finger foods and sparkling mimosas to keep the mood light and upbeat.

5. Retro brunch party 🕺

Bring some retro flair to your next brunch with a themed menu and décor inspired by a specific era.

The ’80s or ’70s vibes are always a good choice. Consider classic diner food like pancakes, milkshakes, and a vintage cereal bar. Store your food supplies in the vintage cooler to keep beverages cool.

Add some old-school posters and play 80s hits to complete the retro vibe.

6. Interactive cooking stations 🍳

Get guests involved and let them have some fun in the kitchen by setting up cooking stations where they can try making parts of their brunch.

You can have an omelet bar, a crepe station, and a waffle station, each with different toppings and fillings.

Interactive cooking stations

This will make the brunch experience more engaging and allow guests to customize their meals to their tastes and preferences.

7. Garden harvest brunch 🌿

Invite your guests to a garden to pick fresh ingredients for their brunch. You could use herbs for a DIY herb butter, berries for pancakes, or vegetables for fresh juices.

Once you’ve harvested your ingredients, enjoy a meal that celebrates their freshness.

This farm-to-table experience provides a unique activity and heightens appreciation for the food.

8. Sunrise yoga and brunch 🧘

Start the day with a relaxing yoga session, followed by a healthy brunch.

Host a sunrise yoga class at a beachfront or park setting, then follow it up with a brunch featuring nutritious smoothies, granola bowls, and organic salads.

This combo of mindful exercise and healthy eating is the perfect way to start the day!

Elegant brunch party ideas

If you’re looking to host an elegant brunch party – what you need is to focus on sophistication and style.

Here are some ideas for a refined brunch party that combines luxurious settings and high-quality cuisine to create a truly sophisticated affair.

9. High tea brunch 🫖

Enjoy the best of high tea in a brunch setting. This classic British tradition is a great theme for a luxury brunch, with tiered cake stands filled with scones, finger sandwiches, and a selection of fine teas.

High tea brunch

Tip: Add some vintage flair to your decor with teapots, teacups, lace tablecloths, and pastel floral arrangements.

Planning a high tea party? We’ve prepared a list of 20+1 tea party ideas here.

10. Vineyard brunch experience 🍇

Host your brunch at a local vineyard where the natural beauty of the vine rows provides a stunning backdrop. Offer a vine-to-table experience with a menu that highlights local ingredients and wine pairings.

Set up some fancy brunch areas among the vines and use some simple yet stylish decorations to make the most of the natural surroundings.

Some essentials you might need:

11. Jazz brunch 🎷

Mix up fine dining with live jazz music to create a sophisticated and lively brunch atmosphere.

Pick a classy spot in downtown LA where jazz musicians play soothing tunes and guests enjoy a brunch buffet.

The buffet may include classic New Orleans-style dishes like beignets, shrimp, grits, and Eggs Benedict.

Decorate with art deco elements and plush seating to enhance the chic, vintage feel of the jazz era.

12. French dining 🍽️

Create a Parisian setting with small, intimate low picnic tables and classic French decor. Serve up some French cuisine, like quiche Lorraine, croissants, and made-to-order crepes, paired with French wines and champagne.

Adding touches like French music will make your guests feel like they’re in the heart of Paris, even if they’re not actually there. Bluetooth speakers will also help you create a nice atmosphere if you can’t get live music.

13. Floral fantasy brunch 🌺

Make your venue look like a blooming paradise with a floral fantasy brunch.

Use floral arrangements as centerpieces, floral-print tablecloths, and even dishes infused with edible flowers, such as lavender scones and rose petal salads.

Tip: If you are looking for budget flower arrangements while getting a beautiful look, consider going with artificial flowers.

Floral fantasy brunch

14. Bohemian rhapsody brunch 🌼

If you want a more relaxed and artistic vibe, go for a Bohemian rhapsody brunch.

Use a mix of different tableware, like mismatched china and colorful plates, and lots of textiles like throw pillows and tapestries.

Offer a menu with organic and vegetarian options and perhaps a DIY mimosa bar with various fresh juices.

This theme is ideal for a relaxed gathering in a backyard or local park, where the natural elements pair with the boho decor.

Sweet and simple ideas: effortlessly charming

A sweet and simple brunch party doesn’t need to be over-the-top to be a hit. At Picnic Makers, we know that sometimes the best things in life are simple.

Here are some plain, charming brunch ideas that ensure a cozy and heartwarming gathering, perfect for those who appreciate simplicity.

15. Country-style backyard brunch 🌿

Host a brunch in your backyard with a country-style theme that embraces rustic charm.

Use wooden tables, mason jars for drinks, and simple wildflower arrangements to create a homey atmosphere. Serve up some homemade biscuits, jams, and a variety of fresh pastries.

This is the perfect setting for a relaxed morning where guests can enjoy good company and simple, delicious food under the open sky.

16. Coffee and croissants gathering ☕🥐

Host a brunch with a minimalist vibe, focusing on good coffee and fresh croissants.

You can even include other types of pastries to mix things up.

This brunch idea is ideal for coffee lovers and those who appreciate the simple European-style breakfast.

Coffee and croissants gathering

Each of these ideas creates a cozy, welcoming space where the simplicity of the gathering makes the meal and the company more enjoyable.

Brunch schedule ideas

Based on our event planning experience at Picnic Makers, we’ve prepared 3 brunch schedules to simplify your planning process.

Each schedule has a unique flow, so the event will run smoothly, and guests will have a great time.

Classic and relaxed brunch

10:00 AM – Guests arrive. Welcome your guests with a signature welcome drink, such as a mimosa or a fresh fruit spritzer.

10:15 AM – Appetizers and socializing. As guests mingle and settle in, offer some light appetizers, such as mini quiches, fruit skewers, and yogurt parfaits.

10:45 AM – Main brunch buffet. Open the brunch buffet featuring classic dishes like scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and a salad bar.

11:30 AM – Casual games and activities. Engage guests with casual games like “Guess the Ingredient” or a simple “Photo Scavenger Hunt”. These games encourage interaction without requiring too much structure.

12:15 PM – Dessert and coffee. Serve up a selection of desserts, such as pastries and cakes, and a coffee bar with options to customize coffees.

12:45 PM – Closing remarks and farewells. Thank your guests for coming and offer a small gift to take home, like a jar of homemade jam or some cookies with their names on them.

Interactive and themed brunch

10:00 AM – Arrival and themed welcome drinks. Greet guests with a themed drink that matches the brunch theme, such as Sangrias for a Spanish-themed brunch.

10:20 AM – DIY food stations. Invite guests to engage with DIY food stations, such as a bagel bar or a build-your-own parfait station, which serve as both an activity and a way to enjoy fresh food.

11:00 AM – Time for a sit-down meal. After enjoying the DIY stations, guests can sit down to eat their creations along with a few pre-made side dishes provided by the host.

11:45 AM – Group activity. Organize a group activity that fits the theme, like a quick salsa dance session at a Spanish brunch or a mini flower arrangement tutorial at a garden party brunch.

12:30 PM – Dessert time! Finish up with a dessert station where guests can enjoy some sweet treats like churros for a Spanish theme or scones for a garden party.

1:00 PM – Thank you and goodbye. To wrap up the event, thank everyone for their participation and send them off with a small, themed gift, like a mini bottle of sangria or a small potted plant.

Elegant brunch

10:30 AM – Welcome and mingle. Start a little later in the morning, so guests can come and go at their leisure. When they arrive, serve them champagne or sparkling water.

11:00 AM – Brunch service begins. Welcome guests to the table setting, where courses are brought out progressively, starting with a light soup or salad, followed by the main dishes.

Noon – Enjoy some live music or a performance. Introduce a live performance, such as a jazz trio or a classical guitarist, to enhance the elegant atmosphere. Or sing songs on your own, using a karaoke machine.

12:30 PM – Have an interactive dessert option. Offer a dessert-making activity, like decorating cupcakes or setting up a chocolate fountain.

At 1:15 PM – Wind down a bit. Give guests time to finish their desserts, enjoy the music, and wrap up their conversations without feeling rushed.

1:45 PM – Thanks and goodbyes. When the guests leave, thank them for coming and give them a small, elegant favor like a mini jar of honey or a sachet of gourmet tea.

Each of these brunch schedules is designed to provide a structured yet relaxed experience, ensuring that your guests enjoy both the food and the activities in a seamless and enjoyable manner.

Hosting a brunch party is a great way to gather friends in a relaxed setting, eat some tasty food, drink a bit, and have fun. With these tips and schedules, you are ready to plan a brunch that leaves your guests with great memories and a desire for the next invitation.

Enjoy the planning process and the event itself, knowing you’ve got everything to make a successful brunch. Cheers!


What are the best days to host a brunch party?

Hosting a brunch party on weekends, especially on Sundays, allows guests to relax without worrying about work commitments the next day.

How do you manage food preparation for a large brunch party?

If you’re hosting a big brunch, it’s better to make dishes in bulk and serve buffet-style.

Think of dishes like frittatas, baked French toast, or a big salad bowl. Another handy tip is to use slow cookers or warming trays to keep food hot.

How long should a typical brunch party last?

A typical brunch party lasts about 3 to 4 hours, giving guests enough time to enjoy the meal and activities without feeling rushed.

Can brunch parties be held outdoors in any season?

While spring and summer are ideal for outdoor brunches, adding heaters and cozy blankets can make autumn or even mild winter days suitable for an outdoor gathering.

How do you set up the perfect brunch party ambiance?

Create a welcoming atmosphere with soft background music, fresh flowers, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Depending on the theme, you might add decorative elements like balloons, banners, or thematic centerpieces. Good lighting, whether natural or via soft lamps, also enhances the ambiance.

What is the ideal guest count for a brunch party?

Keeping the guest count between 10 and 20 people allows for easier management, ensuring a personal and comfortable atmosphere.

Additionally, think about the kids and set up a kids’ corner with food and activities they can enjoy, like coloring books or playing with bubble guns.

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