20+1 going away party ideas

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Goodbyes are inevitable, but they don’t have to be sad. Whether someone is moving to a new city, starting a new job, or heading off to college, farewells are a chance to celebrate the journey ahead.

With the right going away party ideas, you can transform a simple farewell into an unforgettable celebration. We will do our best to inspire and help you plan a party that leaves a lasting impression ❤️

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Creative ideas

They’re perfect for those who appreciate uniqueness in their everyday lives. With the right creative going away party ideas, you can transform a simple farewell into an unforgettable celebration

1. Luxury pop-up picnic experience ✨

Ever seen those gorgeous picnic setups at beaches and parks and wished for one of your own? We make that happen with our luxury pop-up picnic experience. Whether you’re looking for moving away party ideas or something unique, our concept epitomizes refined celebration tailored for those who desire a heartfelt and stylish goodbye.

large picnic

Setting: We select picturesque locations that hold special meaning for the guest of honor, crafting a scene of comfort and elegance. With soft blankets, plush cushions, and chic low tables, we create cozy seating that invites relaxation and connection.

Decor: Our setup features refined tableware, elegant glassware, and high-quality linen napkins, enhancing the luxury of your picnic. We illuminate the gathering with a soft glow from string lights, lanterns, or candles, adding a romantic warmth as the day turns to evening. Floral arrangements and delicate petals integrate nature’s beauty, setting a visually stunning backdrop.

Discover more about our corporate pop-up picnics in LA, OC & Malibu.

2. Visit an art class 🎨👩‍🎨🖌

Art classes add a creative twist to farewell party ideas, allowing guests to express their emotions uniquely. Hosting an art class party allows guests to channel their feelings into creativity. Choose a medium that resonates with the guest of honor, whether painting, sculpting, or drawing. Local studios often offer private sessions for groups. Not only does this provide a keepsake for the person leaving, but it also creates a space for emotional expression.

Tip: Pre-select the art project or theme based on a story or joke shared among the group, adding a personal touch to the art created. Have everyone sign a single canvas or frame the guest of honor can take for memorable and fun going away party ideas.

3. Go to a dance class 💃🕺🎶

Kick up your heels with a dance class, a lively option for goodbye party ideas that will surely be remembered. Booking a dance class for the going away party can be an exhilarating way to bond and make memories. From salsa to hip-hop, choose a style that’s fun and slightly out of the comfort zone for most guests, ensuring a lot of laughs and a memorable time. Look for studios that offer private group sessions, and consider hiring a photographer to capture the fun moments.

Record a video of the final dance routine. Dance classes can be tailored as moving away party ideas, perfect for a guest of honor who loves to dance.

4. Book an acting class 🎭📖👏

An acting class can be a unique goodbye party idea encouraging playful and memorable interactions. Acting workshops can boost confidence, foster creativity, and amuse you. They’re an opportunity for everyone to play, pretend, and perhaps discover hidden talents. Choose a workshop that offers improvisation games, encouraging spontaneous and heartfelt interactions.

book club meetings

  • Engagement: Encourage guests to step into different roles through improvisation games.
  • Performance: End with a mini-performance or skit about the guest of honor.
  • Creativity: Boost confidence and foster creativity.

Engage in an acting workshop, one of our most recommended fun going away party ideas for unleashing everyone’s inner actor.

5. Create your pottery 🏺👩‍🎨🔥

Exploring pottery is a creative and hands-on addition to our going away party ideas. A pottery-making session allows guests to create a personal memento, whether a mug, a plate, or a figurine. Many pottery studios offer group classes where you can bring your refreshments, making it a cozy and intimate affair. The guest of honor will leave with well-wishes and a collection of handcrafted keepsakes from their loved ones.

Ask the pottery studio if they can inscribe a message or the date on the bottom of each piece before firing. This adds an extra layer of personalization, making the keepsake even more special for the guest of honor and the attendees.

6. Karaoke setup 🎤🎶🌟

Setting up a karaoke night is one of those farewell party ideas that encourages everyone to participate and have fun. It’s a time for everyone to let loose, laugh, and maybe even show off some impressive (or hilariously unimpressive) vocal chops. Tailor the playlist to include songs meaningful to the group or the person leaving. Music is a powerful way to evoke memories and emotions, from heartfelt ballads to upbeat anthems. Plus, it’s a great equalizer, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy.

Tip: Create a custom karaoke playlist, but first, it`s wise to consider purchasing a karaoke machine with input from all the guests. Include songs special to your group’s history or the guest of honor’s favorites. Print out custom “concert tickets” or invitations to the event for an added touch.

Foodie going away ideas

A farewell party is about honoring the path that awaits the person you’re celebrating, and we have great ideas to share. Embrace the art of culinary exploration as a heartfelt send-off for the food enthusiast in your life. These foodie-going-away ideas are designed to satisfy the palate and create lasting memories.

7. Ice cream party 🍨😋🌈

An ice cream party is a sweet and delightful choice, and it is easily one of the best fun going away party ideas. Set up a DIY toppings bar with nuts, fruits, sauces, and candies, allowing guests to customize their ice cream creations. Elevate the experience by partnering with local artisans for unique flavors or creating a custom flavor that reflects the guest of honor’s personality or preferences. This provides a delicious activity and sparks conversations about favorite combinations and memories associated with different tastes.

Ice cream sundae bar

In addition to a selection of ice creams, set up a DIY toppings bar featuring a variety of nuts, fruits, sauces, and candies. To make it even more special, contact local ice cream artisans for unique flavors or create a custom flavor with the guest of honor in mind.

8. BBQ party 🍔🔥🌳

A BBQ party is a classic goodbye idea that brings everyone together for a hearty meal and heartfelt toast. To add a unique flair, incorporate a theme such as a Hawaiian luau or a Texas-style brisket cookout, offering a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. Introduce a “grill master” competition for a fun twist, encouraging guests to showcase their BBQ skills in various categories, making the event interactive and enjoyable.

Tip: Elevate the traditional BBQ by incorporating a theme, such as a Hawaiian luau or a Texas-style brisket cookout. Offer a mix of meats and vegetarian options to ensure something for everyone. For an interactive twist, include a “grill master” competition with fun categories.

9. Potluck feast 🍲🥗🥘

A potluck feast is a heartwarming way to gather and share favorite dishes, each with its own story. Utilize an online sign-up sheet to manage the menu and avoid duplicates. Encourage guests to bring dishes with special meaning, allowing them to share stories behind their choices. This transforms the meal into a rich tapestry of personal connections and memories, celebrating the guest of honor through the universal language of food.

Create a shared online sign-up sheet for dishes to ensure a diverse menu and to prevent duplicate items. Encourage guests to bring a dish that has a story or special meaning related to their relationship with the guest of honor, turning mealtime into storytelling time.

10. Visit a winery 🍇🍷🌄

Visiting a winery offers an elegant and memorable experience, blending the love of fine wine with scenic beauty. Arrange for a private tour or tasting session to make it more personal, and inquire about custom labeling options to create a personalized wine bottle as a keepsake. This sophisticated outing provides a serene backdrop for reflective conversations and toasts of new beginnings.

Visit a winery

Tip: Schedule a private tour or tasting session to make the experience more intimate. Some wineries offer custom labeling for bottles, allowing you to create a personalized wine bottle for the guest of honor as a keepsake.

11. Food tour 🚶‍♂️🍕🌍

Embark on a culinary adventure with a food tour that explores local flavors and hidden gems. Customize the tour to include the guest of honor’s favorite cuisines or significant spots that tell a story of shared experiences. You can also curate a self-guided tour using friends’ or personal recommendations, turning it into a discovery of tastes and memories that enrich the farewell.

College going away party ideas

Sending someone off to college is a monumental step. Make this transition exciting and comforting with creative college-away ideas that celebrate their new journey. These ideas will help them set off on their college adventure with enthusiasm and support.

12. Childhood highlights reel 🎞️👶✨

Compile a heartfelt video montage of childhood and college memories, combining clips and photos from friends and family. Set it to a soundtrack that resonates with the group, adding captions or inside jokes to enhance the emotional impact. This reel offers a nostalgic journey through shared experiences, leaving a lasting impression on the guest of honor.

Ask attendees to contribute any photos or videos they have with the guest of honor from their childhood or college years. Use an easy video editing tool to add music and captions, creating a sentimental journey through memories.

13. Movie night 🎥🍿🌌

Set up an outdoor cinema for a cozy movie night under the stars, screening films that are favorites of the guest of honor or resonate with themes of adventure and new beginnings. Use a projector and screen to create an immersive experience complemented by comfortable seating and plenty of popcorn. This laid-back setting is perfect for sharing memories and laughter one last time.

Movie night

Tip: Choose movies that are favorites of the guest of honor or have a theme of adventure and new beginnings. If the weather allows, rent a projector and screen for an outdoor setup, creating a mini cinema experience under the stars.

In case you decided to go with thi unique idea – we’ve prepared for you the list of the best oudoor projectors on the market.

14. Packing party 📦🎉

Organize a packing party, a practical yet fun addition to your moving away party ideas, helping the guest of honor prepare for their new journey. Turn the daunting task of packing into a fun and productive gathering. Organize packing into a game, with small prizes for categories like “Most Efficiently Packed Box” or “Best Use of Space.”

Turn packing into a game where items packed within a certain theme or category in the shortest time win small prizes. This helps with the packing and injects fun into the process.

15. Pizza party 🍕🎉

A pizza party is a timeless, universally loved option that brings people together over the joy of good food and cozy vibes. It’s a versatile theme that can be tailored to suit any going away party, whether you’re hosting at home, at a favorite local pizzeria, or even making it a pizza-making affair where guests customize their pies.

  • Local Pizzeria: Booking a party at a local pizzeria can offer a more relaxed experience for the host while supporting a local business. Many pizzerias have private rooms or offer party packages.
  • At-Home Delivery: For a low-key affair, ordering various pizzas from the guest of honor’s favorite pizzeria keeps things simple yet satisfying. Pair with a selection of beverages, salads, and a sweet treat to round out the meal.

Making It Special: Personalize the party with pizza-themed decorations like tablecloths, napkins, and plates featuring pizza prints or Italian motifs. Consider having a contest for the most creative pizza topping combination, with the guest of honor as the judge. Share stories or memories associated with pizza or meals, adding a layer of sentimentality to the feast.

Adventurous going away party ideas

For the thrill-seeker preparing to embark on a new chapter, throw a going-away party as bold and adventurous as they are. These adventurous party ideas can range from an outdoor excursion to an action-packed day of their favorite extreme sports.

16. Take a hike 🌲🏞

Organize a group hike to a scenic overlook or favorite trail, embracing the outdoors and the symbolism of embarking on a new journey. Plan a moment to share memories or leave a time capsule for the guest of honor, making the hike a physical activity and a meaningful emotional journey.

Take a hike

Tip: Choose a trail that matches the group’s fitness level and has a scenic spot or overlook where you can pause to share memories or leave a time capsule for the guest of honor to open in the future.

17. Visit a psychic 🔮✨🔍

A visit to a psychic can add an element of mystery and fun to the farewell. Dress in mystical or bohemian attire to set the tone, and record the readings as a unique keepsake. This experience opens up conversations about the future and the paths ahead, wrapped in the intrigue of the unknown.

Make it a themed event, with everyone dressed in mystical or bohemian attire. Record the psychic’s readings (with permission) so the guest of honor can reflect on the predictions.

18. Go paintballing 🔫😄

Inject some adrenaline into the going away party with a paintballing adventure. Customize the game with scenarios that reflect the guest of honor’s next chapter or incorporate elements of their past achievements, adding a personal touch to the high-energy activity. This is a great way to build teamwork and create lasting memories through playful competition.

Customize the game with scenarios that play off the guest of honor’s life or upcoming adventure. For example, a “mission” could involve securing a symbolic item representing their new beginning.

19. Take a road trip 🚗🌅

Plan a short road trip to explore new places or revisit favorite spots, creating a soundtrack of road trip anthems for the journey. Make stops at landmarks or quirky attractions with a special meaning or simply promise a good laugh, turning the travel into a bonding experience filled with discovery and shared moments.

Take a road trip

Tip: Plan stops at landmarks or quirky roadside attractions that hold significance or simply promise a good laugh. Create a playlist of road trip anthems that everyone can sing along to, making the journey as memorable as the destination.

20. Escape rooms 🔐🧩🌀

Challenge yourselves with an escape room adventure, choosing a theme that aligns with the guest of honor’s interests or reflects the adventure that awaits them. Bringing props or dressing up according to the theme can enhance the immersive experience, making it a thrilling and memorable part of the farewell celebrations.

Choose a room theme that aligns with the guest of honor’s interests or the next chapter of their life. For extra fun, bring props or wear costumes related to the room’s theme to immerse yourselves fully in the experience.

Bonus idea ❤️

Shrouded in mystery and tailored for surprise, this secret going away idea adds an element of suspense and excitement to your farewell gesture. Perfect for making the final goodbye uniquely memorable, this idea will be revealed only at the moment of the event, ensuring a delightful surprise that captivates and enchants.

21. How well do you know them? 🤔💭

A “How Well Do You Know Them?” quiz is a fun and interactive way to test how much the guests know about the guest of honor. It makes for a heartfelt and often humorous part of the going away party. This activity can be customized with questions ranging from the guest of honor’s favorite things and memorable moments to their plans and dreams. It’s an excellent way to reminisce while looking forward to what’s ahead.

Preparation & Execution:

  • Gather information about the guest of honor to create a list of questions. Include easy, medium, and hard questions to keep it engaging for all guests.
  • Decide on the format: Will it be a written quiz, or will questions be asked aloud? Will there be teams, or will guests participate individually?
  • Consider incorporating multimedia elements like photos or videos for a visual twist.
  • Prizes for the winners can add an element of friendly competition. Choose something that ties back to the guest of honor or the party’s theme for a cohesive touch.

To make it more interactive and inclusive, involve the guest of honor in creating some questions. It turns the quiz into a more personal and engaging experience for everyone involved.

There you have it, as we wrap up our journey searching for going-away party ideas – farewells are not meant to be blaring events. They are an opportunity to transform into lively tributes to the chapters that lie ahead with creativity, personalization, and a hint of fun.


How far in advance should I plan a going away party?

Ideally, start planning at least a month in advance. This gives you ample time to select and book a venue or activity, send out invitations, and make any necessary arrangements for catering or equipment. Early planning is especially crucial for activities that require reservations, such as art classes or visits to wineries.

Last-minute planning can still yield a fantastic party, but options for venues and activities may be more limited.

How do I choose the perfect theme for a party?

A tropical-themed party might be fitting if they relocate to a beach city. For someone moving abroad, a travel-themed party could spark excitement. Consider their hobbies and interests; a book lover might appreciate a literary-themed farewell.

What are some thoughtful gifts that tie into the party theme?

A cookbook or a set of spices from various cuisines could be ideal for a foodie-themed party. For an adventure-themed send-off, consider travel essentials like a personalized map to track their journeys or a durable aluminum water bottle. A creative class party could be complemented by a gift that fuels their newfound hobby, such as a high-quality art supply kit or dance class vouchers.

How can I ensure the going away is memorable for the guest of honor?

Activities that allow for shared experiences, like group art projects or collaborative games, create lasting memories. Additionally, consider setting up a “memory corner” where guests can share stories or write down their favorite memories with the guest of honor.

How can I incorporate guests who can’t attend the party?

The heartfelt idea is to collect video messages, letters, or emails from those unable to attend in advance, compiling them into a surprise presentation for the guest of honor during the party. This makes the farewell more inclusive and adds a deeply personal touch, showing the guest of honor how much they’re loved and will be missed.

Remember that the main goal is to evoke the ideal memories of the guest of honor. Utilize these fantastic concepts as the start of the perfect farewell party and the beginning of the ideal new going-away party!

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