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Greetings, beach lovers! Ready to say goodbye to the hassle of carrying all your essentials to the shore, only to have them get wet and spoiled by water? Embrace the brilliance of waterproof beach bags 🏖️

Our entire team has curated the research of the best waterproof beach bags to ensure your beach days are filled with joy and convenience. Find your perfect beach companion with Picnic Makers!

Discover the Best Waterproof Beach Bag

🏆 BOGG BAG Original Waterproof Bag

Get ready for a day at the beach, a boat outing, or any outdoor adventure with a tote that keeps your essentials secure, dry, and stylishly in tow.

The BOGG BAG Original X Large Waterproof, Washable, Durable Open Tote Bag is here to make that dream a reality.

best beach bag waterproof

Rating: 4.7 full-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenhalf-star-golden based on 7,600+ reviews

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Why We Love It:

  • Portable and spacious. 19 x 15 x 9.5 is the perfect size for all the beach or picnic needs.
  • Effortless maintenance. The bag is made from durable rubber for easy cleaning.
  • Outdoor champion. It’s waterproof, washable, and has a patented tip-proof design.

Pros: The waterproof beach bag`s size accommodates towels, snacks, and sunscreen, making it versatile for beach days, sporting events, camping, or even a chic market tote.

Cons: Its large size might not be ideal for those preferring a compact or foldable option.

This tote is a hit with busy parents and avid travelers.

Picnic Makers Team’s Top Pick:

This best waterproof beach bag has everything you need for worry-free days at the beach and pool. Plus, the vibrant “Carolina on My Mind” color option adds a splash of fun to the outing.

Explore More Wonderful Waterproof Beach Bags

Becokan Large Waterproof Beach Bag

The Becokan Large Waterproof Beach Tote, with its light green appeal and spacious design, is a stylish solution for your beach day.

waterproof beach bag for women

Rating: 4.6 full-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenhalf-star-golden based on 2,300+ reviews

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What Makes It Special:

  • Portable and roomy. Its large capacity easily holds 4-6 large beach towels, apparel, sunscreen lotion, and other beach essentials.
  • Easy to maintain. There is a unique waterproof material that’s also sandproof, so the phone, Bluetooth speaker, and other electronic devices would be safe.

The bag’s superior waterproof material keeps items inside dry and sand-free. However, some users find the material less soft than expected, which can compromise comfort a bit.

Ideal for: An indispensable ally for beach vacations, travel, swimming, yoga and picnics.

Why the Picnic Makers Team Loves It:

The spacious design of this bag ensures that all your needs are met in style. It is waterproof and sandproof and excellently complies with the green outfit.

Large Beach Tote Bag

The Large Beach Tote with Zippered Pockets is here to make your boring relaxation a fantastic reality. Thanks to many pockets, this tote brings your beach, pool, and travel experiences to new heights of comfort and elegance.

waterproof beach bag 3

Rating: 4.7 full-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenhalf-star-golden based on 540+ reviews

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What Makes It Special:

  • Portable and expansive. The 16.54″(L)*14.96″(H)*7.09″*(W) dimensions provide plenty of room for towels, sunscreen lotion, makeup, and magazines to keep by your side.
  • Effortless organization. A large waterproof compartment separates wet from dry things.

Pros: It is perfect for organizing essentials, from water bottles to wet cloth, with a top zipper to secure your items.

Cons: Some users noted the material feels different than expected, affecting the tactile experience.

Why the Picnic Makers team recommends it: This tote is a versatile accessory for travel, the gym, or a day out. Thanks to its many pockets and sturdy material, this waterproof beach bag is a durable and convenient beach gear solution.

Lubardy Waterproof Beach Bag

The next bag features a luggage travel strap, fixed belts for sun hats, and a security keychain. The Lubardy Women’s Beach Bag offers a sophisticated, elegant design while being functional enough.

waterproof beach bag lubardy

Rating: 4.3 full-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star golden based on 190+ reviews

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What Makes It Special:

  • Premium Material and Design: It is constructed of premium canvas, which is waterproof and sandproof and designed to withstand the rigors of any outdoor adventure.
  • Spacious and versatile. The bag holds up to 10 gallons and is ideal for family outings or solo trips.

Pros: The bag is durable enough for multiple outings while maintaining its shape and functionality.

Cons: Some users would love it to be more rigid, although its flexibility can be advantageous for packing and storage.

Suitable for many settings beyond the beach, including air travel and daily use.

Why the Picnic Makers Team Recommends It: This bag stands out for its elegant design, durable construction, and thoughtful features. The fixed belts for sun hats feature one of the main benefits and reasons to consider this bag.

F-color Waterproof Beach Bag

The F-color Waterproof Beach Bag with Zipper is designed to be comfortable while keeping things in style. In a chic khaki, this bag is an essential companion for anyone who values cream tones and an elegant beige look.

waterproof beach bag f color

Rating: 4.6 full-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenfull-star goldenhalf-star-golden based on 60 reviews

Best Foldable Beach Wagon Amazon Basics

What Makes It Special:

  • Spacious and organized. It is suitable for a family’s beach gear, with 8 pockets for ultimate organization.
  • Innovative design. The bag features deep mesh side pockets for wet items, flip-flops, and easy sand removal.

Pros: This large-size beach bag accommodates towels, clothes, sunscreen, snacks, and more with ease. It has a secure top zipper, main, inner, and side pockets, along with a comfortable strap for practicality.

Cons: It may require minor adjustments for optimal use.

Perfect for pool days, cruises, shopping, or as a stylish swim bag, adapting to the varied needs seamlessly.

Why the Picnic Makers Team Recommends It:

This tote’s easy-to-clean feature ensures that your day is fun, not messy. Whether you’re planning a luxury beach picnic or an energetic day at the gym, this bag is a reliable and chic choice.

How to choose the right size of waterproof beach bag

Take a look at the following table that guides you in your purchase process:

Need/Preference Bag Recommendation Reason for Choice
Busy Parents or Large Family Outings BOGG BAG Original Waterproof Bag Extremely spacious and durable, easy to clean, tilt resistant, perfect for family days at the beach.
Eco-Conscious Users Becokan Large Waterproof Beach Bag Constructed of unique waterproof and sand-resistant material, it is stylish and roomy for all essentials.
Organized Travelers Large Beach Tote with Zippered Pockets Multiple pockets for organization, waterproof compartments to separate wet and dry items.
Style-Conscious Users Lubardy Waterproof Beach Bag Stylish design with practical features such as a luggage strap and security key fob.
Family Beach Days F-color Waterproof Beach Bag with Zipper Large capacity with 8 pockets, secure zipper, and comfortable straps, ideal for family gear.

When equipped with the right waterproof beach bag, your adventures by the sea will be more enjoyable and less stressful. The Picnic Makers team curates each bag in this list, and it has been carefully selected to ensure you’ll find a practical and chic companion based on your style or needs.

Experience the next beach outing with confidence, knowing your essentials are protected and organized at your side.


How do waterproof beach bags protect electronic devices?

Waterproof beach bags are designed with tight seals and waterproof materials that prevent sand and water from entering the bag.

Some bags also feature special compartments such as waterproof zippers or liners, to keep devices dry and sand-free.

How can I ensure the waterproof seal is effective?

Avoid overloading the bag and keeping sharp objects away from its interior. Regularly check for wear and tear, especially around the seams and closure systems.

Can waterproof beach bags float?

While the primary function of waterproof beach bags is to keep their contents dry, many are buoyant enough to float for a short time if accidentally dropped in the water. Buoyancy can vary depending on the bag’s material and its contents’ weight.

What’s the difference between a water-resistant and a waterproof bag?

Water-resistant beach bags can withstand light moisture and brief exposure to water but will eventually allow water to seep through. Waterproof beach bags, on the other hand, are designed to be completely impervious to water, even when submerged or exposed to water for extended periods of time, making them ideal for activities like kayaking or sailing.

How do I remove mildew or mold from a bag?

Clean it with warm water and vinegar or a mild detergent. Use a soft brush to scrub the affected area gently, rinse thoroughly, and air dry the bag in a well-ventilated area.

Can waterproof beach bags be used for other activities?

The durability and protective qualities of waterproof beach bags make them versatile for various activities beyond the beach. They’re great for boating, fishing, camping, swimming at the pool, or even as a robust option for carrying gym clothes. Their protective features ensure your belongings stay dry and secure, whatever the activity.

For those summer days, ensure you’re also protected with our top non-toxic sunscreen lotions recommendations, and don’t forget to check out our ultimate guide to planning the beach birthday ideas for a memorable seaside adventure.

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