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Welcome to your guide on selecting the perfect wedding welcome signs! These first impressions at your celebration guide your guests and set the tone for your marriage.

Whether you prefer elegance, whimsy, or something unique, Picnic Makers will help you choose the ideal wedding welcome signs that capture the spirit of your big day.

🏆 Classic Welcome Wedding Sign

The Classic Welcome Wedding Sign is a true gem for couples’ big day. Crafted from high-quality acrylic and featuring elegant gold font on a pristine white brush-painted background, this sign exemplifies sophistication.

classic welcome wedding sign

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Measuring 18×24 inches, it’s perfectly sized for visibility at your ceremony or reception entrance.

What we like: Its versatility makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring it stands out in any venue. Pair it with floral arrangements, like artificial flowers, or soft drapery for an even more captivating entryway.

Note: the sign does not come with an easel, so prepare to source one separately for display.

Lush Greenery Memorial Sign

The Lush Greenery Memorial Sign is a poignant and beautiful choice for those who wish to honor absent loved ones. At 9″ x 8″, it’s perfect for a memorial table set up and integrates seamlessly with your wedding’s floral theme.

lush greenery memorial sign

Rating: 4.4 four and a half stars based on 420+ reviews

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It’s a respectful and elegant way to remember those who cannot be with you on your marriage day.

Tip: combine this sign with a collection of photographs for a touching tribute at your celebration. Consider spotlighting your welcome sign with elegant taper candles and holders for a truly enchanting entry.

VISWIN Wooden Stand

Enhance your welcome sign display with the VISWIN Wooden Tripod Easel Stand. Crafted from natural pine, this easel is functional and adds a rustic charm to your wedding decor.

VISWIN wooden stand

Rating: 4.0  four starsbased on 990+ reviews

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This welcome sign is suitable for artwork or even a seating chart. It’s lightweight and foldable, making transportation and setup a breeze.

Recommendation: This is a practical choice for displaying any signs or showcasing your sign against the arch backdrops at your wedding, ensuring they are visible and stylishly presented.

Vinyl Art Decal Elegant Sticker

The Vinyl Art Decal provides an elegant and personalized touch to your wedding décor. Sized at 30″ x 22″, this vertical layout is perfect for adorning a clear glass or mirrored surface at your reception.

vinyl art decal elegant sticker

Rating: 4.3 four and a half stars based on 590+ reviews

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The decal is removable, leaving no residue, and is perfect for rented venues.

Ideal for couples who want a modern twist on traditional signage. Use it as a temporary yet impactful decoration on your big day. Also, you can tailor it to your name and wedding date.

Decoration tip: after perfecting your entryway with a stunning welcome sign, ensure your wedding cake serving is elegant with the wedding cake cut sets.

Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers

Enhance your wedding arch or welcome sign with the rongflower Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers. This set includes vibrant orange silk roses and eucalyptus leaves, adding color and texture to your décor.

Artificial wedding arch flowers

Rating: 4.5 four and a half starsbased on 190+ reviews

Best Foldable Beach Wagon Amazon Basics


  • Rich color and detail: offers a realistic and lush appearance.
  • Versatile decoration: perfect for arches, tables, and more.
  • Easy setup: comes with clips and ties for quick installation.

Recommendation: These flowers are a beautiful and hassle-free addition to the wedding setting, ensuring your decor looks stunning throughout the event.

GLAVICY Wedding Welcome Sign

The Personalized Wedding Welcome Sign by GLAVICY stands out with its customizability and weatherproof durability. Available in various designs, it ensures your welcome message resonates with personal charm.

GLAVICY wedding welcome sign

Rating: 4.3 four and a half starsbased on 30+ reviews

Best Foldable Beach Wagon Amazon Basics

What we like: The material is weatherproof and suitable for any climate. The clear and vibrant printing catches the eye from a distance.

It includes an option for printing on both sides, increasing visibility. A great choice for outdoor weddings.

Additionally, consider complementing your vibrant welcome area with equally stunning table decor. For the best options, check out the best wedding centerpieces review.

Neon Wedding Signs

Yatvro Custom Neon Sign

Illuminate your wedding venue with a Custom Neon Sign by Yatvro. These LED neon signs are eye-catching and fully customizable, from text to color and size, making them a unique addition to your celebration.

yatvro custom neon sign

Rating: 4.9 four and a half starsbased on 3,200+ reviews

Best Photo Backdrop Stands

What we like: It includes dimmable features, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance.

Recommendation: it is great for adding a modern and personalized touch to the photo backdrop stand or dance floor.

Essential Wedding Signs Decor

Piklado Flower Swag Set

The Piklado Faux Flower Swag Set is ideal for decorating your welcome sign or ceremony arch. It includes two luxurious white faux flower arrangements that are easy to attach and position.

piklado flower swag set

Rating: 4.6 four and a half starsbased on 410+ reviews

Best Photo Backdrop Stands


  • Elegant design: beautifully crafted to look as stunning as real flowers.
  • Versatile use: suitable for welcome signs, arches, and other focal points.
  • Complete kit: this kit comes with all necessary mounting accessories.

What we like: The flowers are designed for indoor and outdoor use and offer flexibility. They complement the charger plates, ideal for creating a stunning table setting.

What to write on a wedding welcome sign

Writing on wedding signs sets the tone for the event and warmly greets your guests. Here are some ideas, ranging from traditional to more personalized messages:

1. Welcome to our wedding
Include the names of the couple and the wedding date, e.g., “Welcome to the wedding of Anna & Jordan, June 12, 2024.”

2. Love, laughter, and happily ever after
A classic and romantic greeting that sets a joyful tone.

3. Choose a seat, not a side
Ideal for ceremonies where the couple prefers guests to mingle rather than adhere to traditional seating sides.

4. Oh happy day!
A simple, cheerful message that celebrates the joy of the day.

5. [Couple’s names]’s wedding day
Straight to the point, focusing on personalization, e.g., “Emma & Liam’s wedding day.”

6. Welcome to our forever
Emphasizes the lifetime commitment being celebrated.

For more inspiration on what to write on your welcome sign, explore our 100 best wedding quotes, perfect for adding a personal touch.

What is the best material for a welcome wedding sign

The best material for a welcome sign wedding depends on the wedding’s style and location. For an elegant and timeless look, acrylic is popular for its sleek, modern appearance and versatility in indoor and outdoor settings.

Wood is ideal for rustic or outdoor weddings, offering a warm, natural feel. Consider using chalkboard or mirrored surfaces for a more formal or traditional wedding.

Additionally, metal signs can be used for a more industrial or contemporary wedding.


How can lighting enhance the visibility and appeal of the welcome sign?

Lighting can dramatically enhance your welcome wedding sign, especially for evening events. Consider spotlighting your sign with soft, ambient string lights or using fairy lights for a whimsical touch. For acrylic or glass signs, backlit options can create a glowing, magical entry point that draws guests in.

What are some creative ways to display a sign?

Think beyond traditional stands; hang your sign from a floral arch or suspend it with elegant ropes or ribbons for a floating effect. For a rustic theme, leaning your wooden sign against a stack of hay bales or placing it within a vintage frame can add to the aesthetic.

What are the best fonts for the readability of signs?

For maximum readability, opt for serif or sans-serif fonts that are not too condensed. Popular choices include classic fonts like Times New Roman for a traditional feel or modern options like Helvetica. Script fonts can be used for added elegance, but ensure they are clear and large enough to read from a distance.

Can the design of a welcome sign be used elsewhere in decor?

Absolutely! Echoing the design elements of your welcome sign in your menu cards, seating charts, and other signage can create a cohesive look throughout your wedding. This repetition of design elements ties the event together and enhances the overall aesthetic.

How can I ensure my wedding welcome sign withstands outdoors?

If your wedding is outdoors, choose weather-resistant materials and paints. Acrylic and metal are durable options. Consider a laminated finish for extra protection against moisture. Ensure your sign is securely anchored to prevent it from tipping in the wind.

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